Cougar Chronicles 1st of 2016

HAPPY 2016! January 4-8, 2016

Fun Way to Get you Back in the Mood for School in 2016

Watch Me Teach (A teacher version of Watch Me Nae Nae)

Time to Begin Planning Feb. School Dance and Spring Fundraisers

~We need to get a steering committee for the dance (for Valentine's Day) and all that we can offer. We already have a number of families that want to volunteer time and materials. If you are interested, please let Adriana Morris know.

~We need to get an idea of what we'd like to do for some Spring Fundraisers. Money raised would go toward paying for field trips, buying more lamination film, paying for science equipment, and purchasing other materials for our classrooms. If you have ideas, please let us know. We're thinking of an afternoon movie (movie is for free) with selling treats to our students as well as a spring carnival. Possibly even a McDonald's night...what other ideas do you have? Please share the ideas you have on this google Document. THANK YOU!

Welcome Back, Cougars!

Our most recent news:

~Congrats to BABY "Cooper"! Debbie Cooper is a proud grandmother on Christmas Day! Congrats to her family. Look through your emails to see the beautiful little girl and her head full of hair!

~There will be NO ESL classes on Monday, 1/4. WE WISH YOU THE BEST, MS. SCHMIDT!

With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to Ms. Regina Schmidt. Ms. Schmidt is going to be serving students in the middle grades starting this Monday. We will be having a new schedule for ESL services with minimal shifts to classroom teachers' schedules. *With different times of service for novice speakers/newcomers* We're working it out. Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Yang, and Mrs. Lee will be working to tweak this schedule, prepare new materials, and make different plans on Monday, Jan.4. There will be NO ESL classes on Monday, 1/4. The new schedule will be followed and begin on Tuesday, Jan.5. We have ACCESS testing beginning soon, so be on the look out for information on this.


To get us back in the habit and on track, you can find links to our planning documents, calendar, etc. in this section. Simply click on the highlighted/underlined link. ENJOY!

Here's the link to the calendar.

Here are some HIGHLIGHTS of the upcoming weeks:

_ Meetings this week: 4-5 SST meetings on 1/5; 1&3rd SST meetings on 1/6; many IEPs (some may need ESL support at these meetings- check with EC teachers); Common Planning for K-2/ESL/TitleI/EC on Thursday 1/7 and bring iPad and computer to the meeting

_Upcoming meetings for next week: K&2 SST meeting on Monday; Common Planning for 3-5 and bring iPad and computer to the meeting

*Faculty Meeting is the 3rd Thursday of the Month. If you have questions about which meeting is on which date, please click on the event on the calendar. You'll see description of the meeting/event with more details.*

Here's the link for Grade Level Planning Notes

Don't forget to complete the grade level planning notes. Remember, our goal is to incorporate technology/media for an upcoming sequence of study in each grade. This means that the grade level should determine what content and what medium/student creation tool, that you want media/computers to work with your students on in the month of January. This is in preparation for what you will be studying late January-through Feb. The classroom teacher will have to do edits and provide students with rubric for how this project is to be graded. Please communicate with Christine and Angie to make this as successful as possible. THANK YOU!

This is for you to see ESL planning notes

This is the link for SPECIALS planning notes

Reminders: If you are absent, enter your absence in AESOP, email and/or text administration to let us know of your absence; remember to fill out appropriate paperwork with Mrs. Lolli when you are missing a day. Stay healthy in 2016!

Here's Our 2016 Challenge as a School

Couch to 5k- meeting after school...let us hear who is interested by completing this short survey. Click here to complete the survey.


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