Geneseo MS/HS Newsletter

October 19th, 2020

Principal's Message

The past two weeks of school have produced some exciting times and new challenges in our MS/HS. Our student-athletes were able to enjoy some special moments during our recent Senior Nights. I would like to send a heartfelt congratulations to our seniors. We appreciate all that you do for our school and community and could not be prouder of how you have handled the past year.

Our Drama Club and Music Department have completed many auditions for the upcoming school year. We are very excited about the opportunity to observe our talented students perform throughout the school year. Many of our extracurricular clubs have submitted their proposals to start and were approved to begin their activities. These extracurricular activities give energy and life to our school community, and we are hopeful they can continue.

We ended our five weeks of school, which required students to take many assessments in their classes. The purpose of the 5 week progress reports is to indicate their current level of performance. Some grades may not have been recorded at the time progress reports were posted for families. Please contact your student's teacher if you have any questions or concerns. Unfortunately, we also experienced our first positive COVID 19 case in our middle school. This required many teachers and students to transition to fully remote. I would like to commend our students and staff for a successful transition to the remote learning instructional model. Please remind your student about the importance of proper hand-washing, social distancing, and mask wearing. Hopefully, we can continue to keep school open and safe for students.

Mr. Salatel, MS/HS Principal

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Message:

It is very important when attending an athletic event that you take the time to go to the athletic schedule on our website and/or our Facebook links to investigate the different guidelines at each school/venue for contests.

I would like to thank students, parents and coaches for doing an outstanding job of following health guidelines, which allowed for us to start the fall season. This has been a tremendous reminder to all of us of the lessons, values and SEL (social emotional learning) opportunities that athletics provide our student-athletes.

I would also like to recognize our senior student athletes who have been recognized for their participation and success as a student-athlete here at GCS during senior nights. Congratulations!

Mr. Veley

Student Spotlight: Zachary Mogavero

GCS junior Zachary Mogavero is participating in an individualized life skills program in which he will be running a "business" here at the school. Zachary's Sign Shop is open for business in Room 33 in the MS/HS, and Zach is busy taking requests for signs, meeting with his customers, and designing and making signs. Anyone at GCS can request a sign be made for their room, club, sport, activity, etc. Those of you who know Zach know of his love of and talents with fonts, drawing, design, and sign making!

(Pictured: Forefront: Zachary Mogavero. Left: Ashley Cullinan, Instructional Aide. Right: Christopher Butera, Teacher

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Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Heidi Mueller (MS/HS School Nurse)

Mrs. Mueller has done an amazing job for our middle and high school. Her expertise and knowledge related to COVID 19 protocols have allowed her to provide students, staff, and parents valuable support and guidance. We deeply appreciate Mrs. Mueller’s dedication and commitment to our school.

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Community Spotlight

Geneseo Central School would like to offer a sincere thank you to the Geneseo United Methodist Church (GUMC) for their generous donations made to the school to assist with technology needs this year. The members of the congregation donated $3500 to the school which has been used to offset the costs associated with providing Internet "Hot Spots" to families whose kids need Internet connectivity during days that they are learning remotely. This generous donation has helped provide WiFi to 35 of our families. This kindness is truly appreciated and shows that it does take a village to get through the challenges that we are all facing today.

Pictured: Left: Bonnie Kreutter, GUMC , Right: John Holt, Technology Coordinator

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School Spirit Week: Student Council!

Student Council Spirit Week:

Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Stevenson, and students in our MS/HS Student Council have planned a Fall Spirit Week for the week of 10/26-10/30. Mrs. Stevenson and the students work to promote school spirit for our student body. Below is the information about the upcoming Spirit Week planned by the Middle and High School Student Councils. Students may take pictures of themselves each day and use #gcsfallspirit2020 to show their school spirit on our social media pages.

The dress up days for MIDDLE SCHOOL are as follows:

Mon. 10/26: Colorful Mask Day
Tues. 10/27: Mismatch Day (different colored socks, etc.)
Weds. 10/28: Comfy Day

Thurs. 10/29: School Spirit Day (blue and white, Geneseo apparel, etc.)
Friday 10/30: Costume Day/Dress-up Day

The dress up days for HIGH SCHOOL are as follows:

Monday 10/26 = Magnificent Mask Monday (Wear your favorite mask)

Tuesday 10/27 = Tie Dye Tuesday (Wear your favorite tie-dyed items)

Wednesday 10/28 = Comfy Day

Thursday 10/29 = School Spirit Day (Blue and white, Geneseo apparel, etc.)

Friday 10/30 = Costume/Dress-up Day

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Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween:

The excitement for Halloween has started. Despite the abnormal circumstances in school, we would like to continue our tradition of allowing students to celebrate this holiday in school. In order for us to accomplish this, I would like to remind students that all the COVID 19 guidelines currently in place must be followed. This includes all students wearing an approved mask. A “costume” mask that does not meet the approved criteria will not be allowed. In addition, all costumes must align with the GCS Code of Conduct. We also ask that students not wear costumes that obstruct the learning environment for others.

Virtual Open House

MS/HS Virtual Open House:

Due to restrictions from the COVID-19 guidelines, we were unable to host our typical MS/HS Open House. The MS/HS has decided to create a Virtual Open House that will model our typical “meet and greet” format. You will be receiving a short video from your student’s grade level team or individual teacher. We hope you enjoy the welcoming and introductions from your child’s teachers.

Lockers? YES!!

Starting November 2, 2020 students will be allowed to use their assigned lockers. The locker number and combination may be found on their SchoolTool account prior to that date. To continue our initiative of student safety, we are allowing students three opportunities to visit their lockers on a school day. Prior to homeroom, before lunch, and after school are the designated times for students to go to their lockers. Students may ask for special permission to visit their lockers at other times under extenuating circumstances.

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All lunchtime locations will soon transition indoors this week. We have already implemented this plan on previous days when the weather was inclement. The indoor lunches will continue to follow the proper social distancing safety measures we put in place outside. Our students have done a wonderful job following the guidelines established.

Update: End of the Year Field Trips

The MS/HS advisors have been given approval to start planning for the possibility of students attending special trips at the end of the year. Please note that the trips will take place only if the government restrictions currently in place are lifted. We are working with our travel agents to start organizing trips without the necessity of having families make large financial deposits at this time. You will receive more detailed information from the advisors as these plans progress.

School Pictures

School pictures arrived and have been delivered to students. Please contact the MS/HS Main Office if your student did not receive their pictures. In addition, please be advised the picture retake dates are November 9th and 10th. If your student missed the first dates of pictures or would like to have their picture retaken, please have them participate on one of those two dates. As a reminder, if you would like a retake, you will need to send the original picture package back with your student on the retake day. The student will receive the new picture in the same packet in a few weeks.