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October 17, 2014 - October 24, 2014

Learning Objectives for the Week of October 20


  • Analyze data using bar graphs, stem and leaf plots, and scatterplots.
  • Use critical thinking to solve real-world problems.
  • Estimate products of whole numbers and decimals.

**We will be taking a DLA (District Learning Assessment - based on skills we have learned this year) on 10/22 and a Multiplication (3 digits x 2 digits including word problems)


  • Identify examples of electrical energy
  • Discover and evaluate mechanical energy
  • Describe and observe force and motion

Social Studies

  • Identify historical figures and explain the role of loyalists and patriots during the American Revolution.


  • Analyze and make inferences about symbolism in poetry
  • Analyze authors' use of rhythm, text features, and structure in poems

**We will be taking a DLA (District Learning Assessment - based on all skills we have learned this year) on 10/23 and a Poetry Devices Quiz on 10/24.


  • Write poems using various poetic devices (figurative language, imagery, choice of line breaks and white space, sound effects)

Homework (Due Friday, October 24)


  • Multiplying 3 by 2 and multiplying with zeros: Pages 109, 110, 115, and 116


  • Choose one item from the NEW menu (see Edmodo and email for this new menu)


  • Lonestar Light Reflection/Refraction

News and Information


Come and have a great night of family fun at the Glow Run. Tonight (10/17/14) at 6:30, gather with other TWE students and parents raising money for Mrs. Linder's Memorial Fund.

Read, Deed, Run

Next meeting is October 21 from 3:45-4:45. Please pick your child up at 4:45 at the gym.

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