When Opportunity Knocks....

Am I Crazy?! Maybe...Maybe Not!!

You may think I'm crazy for talking to you about this. You may NEVER have considered doing something like this, but I encourage you to stop for a minute and think about what a few hundred dollars, or several thousand could do for you and your family each month! Maybe, you think you could never sell something. I get it! Trust me, I thought the same thing. When I was presented with this opportunity I literally told my friend "Don't even tell me about it. There's no way I'm doing this!" No joke! I don't want to sound cheesy but I'm speaking the truth when I tell you I am SOOOO thankful I at least explored the option. The reality is what did I have to lose? $85 bucks...that's all I had to lose. I did invest in some product because I knew I loved it and I knew I wanted to try more, and it was 40% off... but again, nothing to lose with a 60 day money back guarantee if I didn't like it. Best yet...I don't feel like I'm selling anything! I am educating people about an industry that most don't realize is so unregulated. People WANT to learn and they want to buy the products because they are gorgeous, and luxurious, and they work, and are SAFE!

Ultimately, what I have gained is a true passion for educating my friends and family, a great pay check, and a purpose for something I didn't even know I was missing! Ask yourself...what's stopping you?

Beautycounter is just getting started and NOW is the time to jump on board! The Personal Care Product Safety Act is not going away! It's just getting bigger and we are going to hear a lot more about it! We are creating a MOVEMENT in Washington DC! I need more people helping me! The best opportunities sometimes present themselves in the most unlikely ways!

Here's a video I made. Take a few minutes and watch! https://youtu.be/kB4TWPl67Zw

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Not interested in the biz opportunity, but curious about the products? Try it out....60 day trial....return it if you don't like it. For every purchase in April I am offering a FREE gift and any samples you want to try. Email me or text me with your sample requests and click on my website link to explore product options and learn more!