South Carolina

Was it Charles Town or Charleston?

What was the name of that town again?

Did you know that Charleston wasn't always named that? It wasn't even in the same spot it is today. Charleston was actually originally called Charles Town, and was relocated as well in 1670. When the first settlers came it was named Charles Town.

I'm new here

My name is James, and I came over to Charleston because I heard of the there was wonderful fertile soil. It was also semitropical, and had a growing season of 295 days of the year. What I didn't know I was getting into was that slaves were very popular cheap labor. I wasn't sure about it, but shortly realized the profit to be made. Yes I felt bad, but I treated my slaves with respect, and did them no harm. From what I've heard, South Carolina is the first region to introduce slavery. Trade was very popular in South Carolina, and we were constantly competing with the nearby Indians. One of my close friends Jim, was actually taken about a week ago, and there is no sign of him but we all know what happened to him. I have told my slaves to keep an eye out, and I always have my gun on me. Sure it's different, but the money makes it all worth it. Hopefully I can start a family soon, I just can't wait for the near future!

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