St Albans School STRIKE Message

Term 1: Week 5 - Friday 10th March 2023

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School will be CLOSED on Thursday 16th March

Read the Newspaper article that does a good job of explaining WHY

Strike Information - School will be CLOSED

Our tamariki need a quality education. And we want to give that to them.

Unfortunately, the funding for our schools is not enough for us to give us the time we would like to support all our kids to thrive. We need to attract and retain educators by ensuring that teaching is a valued and attractive profession.

Principals and teachers in primary and area schools have considered at length offers from the government to settle our respective collective agreements. The offers did not meet our expectations, nor make sufficient steps towards the changes we need for our children to succeed.

You may have seen that we voted to take industrial action on 16 March. It’s the last thing we wanted to do. And the decision was not taken lightly.

We felt that this was the only way the government would listen and recognise that when they support our children to learn and succeed, we are supporting whānau and communities to thrive.

We look forward to another great year in 2023 – and together with your support, building the case for better investment in our tamariki.

Why we are going on STRIKE?

We are facing many crisis in New Zealand and particularly in the primary sector which is what St Albans School is.

There is a HUGE gap between HOW the secondary schools are staffed (how many teachers) and HOW much time their teachers are given to plan and assess. The gaps are also clear in ratios: how many students in each class and the number of leaders and units given to lead.

The below table shows you the difference between a secondary school and a primary school of the same or similar size.

The difference this would make for St Albans School would be a game changer.

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR and now the government has the data, the evidence and the proof. WE NEED CHANGE so EVERY learner can succeed.


You will hear in the media that this is just about is NOT. Yes, we are asking for pay to increase in line with inflation, however in New Zealand as a teacher, you cannot go to a different company and get better pay - it is a unified system.

The pay equity difference between secondary and primary needs fixing and the pay rates need to reflect the future so we attract amazing people and do not lose them to the private sector. This is a small part of the negotiations.

The conditions, the campaign though is about the above and about the tables below.

STAND with us - FIGHT with us and be part of significant change for all tamariki in in New Zealand.

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Child Care Arrangements

Please note many of the providers: Oscars, Mash and Kelly Sports are working to be open on this day which could support parents who have to work.

Otherwise you are welcome to JOIN and MARCH with us!