Early Settlers

Stuff that Early Settlers might have used during their time.

A Lean-to

A lean-to is just a simple shelter.It is also a type of house the settlers might have used. Settlers used it for a house. It probably wasn't very warm unless you had a fire in it.

An Oxen

An oxen is a type of bull. The settlers used it sometimes for carrying their stuff.

A Log Cabin

A log cabin is a type of house that the settlers might have used.It is made from log that the settlers would of had to cut down from the trees.Unless you had all of the holes in the house covered up, it probably wasn't that warm.

A Sod House

A sod house is a type of house that the settlers might have used. It is made of earth, dirt and ground.

A Logging Bee

A logging bee is a group of people that go together and help each other cut down some of the trees and build stuff. Maybe even a house.

A Cooking Spit

A cooking spit is something that the settlers used for cooking. It was made from sticks (sometimes). You could put your food on it, then you would start a fire under it.
Another thing that the settlers might have used for cooking is a pot that would have hung on a chain over the fire.