Destination Digestion

By Conner Baird, Ethan H., Erik M.

Park Name and Designers

The name of our park is "Destination Digestion".

The designers names are; Conner Baird, Ethan Holt, and Erik Munoz.

Park Purpose

The purpose of our theme park is to educate children and adults of digestive system.

Our rides

Mouth Mt., Esopha drop, stomach swirly, intestine wined, liver shiver, bile buildup.

Mouth Mt.

This attraction is a massive roller coaster with many loops and sharp turns you will travel all around the "mouth" in a tooth cart. the ride is based off the mouth and teeth of the digestive track it will teach how the food is first broken down

Esopha drop

The ride is a 75 foot fall from the top of the slide through the esophagus slide into a pool. this will teach about how the esophagus transports food from mouth to stomach

Stomach swirly

This attraction is a water slide the loops around like the stomach churning it's will teach how the food is further broken down.

Intestine wined

This attraction is a winding maze to try and find your way out of the body though dark wet tunnels. this is based off the bodies intestines it will teach how the food travels through the body.

Liver shiver

This attraction is a haunted house sure to scare the blood out of you the house is full of fake blood.this is based off the liver making blood this will teach about the livers roll in the body.

Bile buildup

The attraction is based off the gallbladder to win the person needs to collect the most bile blocks by grabbing one at a time from the "liver" and bringing it back to their pile, this attraction teaches how the bile is stored in the body.