La bibliothèque

les nouvelles - novembre 2013

Projects completed - Les planètes

The Grade 2/3 classes of Andrea and Suzanne/Ashley have just completed research projects on the solar system. Each student spent three weeks learning about a planet in our solar system and have presented their learning in the form of a book with a painting of the planet for the front cover.

In process - Les civilisations anciennes et le Japon

The Grade 7 students in Karen's class are continuing their research on ancient civilizations, while the Grade 6s are researching Japan. Students will be creating a Notebook type presentation to share their learning with the rest of the class.

In process - Projet d'enquête: la lumière

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the students in Valérie's Grade 4/5 class who are in the process of learning about light. Students are working individually or with a partner on inquiry questions about light and its properties. These students are using the scientific method to delve into some very interesting concepts and will be presenting their research findings in the form of a poster.

New project - Les provinces et territoires du Canada

This week, Eric's Grade 3/4 class will be starting a research project on Canada, with each student studying one province or territory. Students will be creating travel brochures to share what they learn with the rest of the class and encourage others to visit their province or territory.

La bibliothèque

The library is open Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday. Students are welcome to drop by the library before school on any of these days and during the afternoon recess on Tuesday and Thursday. Siblings and parents are also welcome to take books out of the Ecole Cobble Hill library on these days.

Library days for book exchanges are as follows:

Tuesday - Erin, Eric, Sarah, Valerie, Jocelyne

Wednesday - Camilla

Thursday - Jenny, Karen, Suzanne, Andrea, Jessie, Vicki Violet

Please ensure that your child returns his/her library books in a bag each week. Library bags help to protect our library books, ensuring that they will be available for student use for a long time. Students who not return their library books will not be permitted to take out new books.

Parent helpers are always welcome in the library. Please ensure that you sign in at the office and see me for a tour of the space and some ideas on what needs to be done.


Joanne McLarty