Egyptian Pyramid Times.


Egypt lies in Africa's northeast corner. Vast deserts sweep over most of the country. The Nile River, along with Egypt's location and deserts, has shaped life in Egypt for thousands of years.

The latest in Egypt

For centuries, the Nile's waters would rise in the spring. As flood waters withdrew, the silt was left behind, making the land better for farming. Today we have dams that control the rivers flow. When the water reached Egypt, the banks would flood.
Egypts main energy source is oil. Oil was found in and or around the Red Sea. Egypt also had phosphates. Which is a mineral Daly used in fertilizer.
In Egypt, they have three main crops. One main crop is sugarcane. Another one is fruits. The last one is grains. The items were very important.
The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. The word Sahara comes from the Arabic word which means desert.the Sahara is about the size of the u.s. It stretches from Egypt westward across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.
The Aswan Dam successfully controlled the flow of the Nile River. It also saved many lives. The bad thing about the Aswan Dam was that it increased diseases. Another bad thing was that there was a lot of human issues.