Minnesota: THE Land For You

There isn't a land like'a, gorgeous Minnesota!

You should come to Minnesota because:

1. Our Native American problem is very much under control. You won't even notice them!

2. There are many natural resources, like fish, and wild rice.

3.Minnesota has the highest growing population!

4. We have had very good governors in the past, like Henry H. Sibley, William R. Marshall, and Alexander Ramsey.

5. The Minnesota winters are very cold, but there is good hunting here. There is a lot of deer, birds, and other animals to help you through the treacherous winter.

6. We have had a public school teacher since 1847, Harriet Bishop.

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Harriet bishop

"I have Known Minnesota since its infancy, and have loved it as a parent does a child, till my very being is entwined with her interests; and to me it s fit for paradise. Come to Minnesota, but bring with you principles firm and unyielding."

Harriet Bishop is a very important person because she is the very first public school teacher in Minnesota. She has had high hopes for our beauteous land, such as making drinking alcohol illegal, and organized a temperance group that supports this belief. Ms. Bishop also currently leads several women's organizations that helps with community projects. In addition to this, Harriet Bishop established St. Paul's first Sunday school. With all of this peace-making, Minnesota is a land, hard to resist.


If you are convinced by this advertisement, yet you have no idea how to get here, then why don't you try one of these fine modes of transportation:

~Steamboat ~Stagecoach

~Canoe ~Oxcart

~Foot ~Horse


I believe that arriving by steamboat and oxcart or stagecoach, is the best way, because the steamboat will help you through the many rivers, and the oxcart will be nice for the summer, and oxen are very strong. The stage coach is a nice alternative for in the winter.

Nice places to visit

Many nice places to visit are:

~Fort Snelling for its beautiful and important background, and how much you are capable of. This complex place will be a very historical and important location.

~St. Paul because it is a nice reminder of how much you can get done in such a small amount of time. This location will be a very historical site, as well.