Team Stephens Versus Team Brosnan

It's a Spring into Summer Smackdown!!

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Time for a little Team V Team Challenge!!


As you all know, Debbie Brosnan & I were very lucky to have earned Glam Getaway to Punta Cana this past month. Both of us were terrified to go zip-lining, but we were determined to do it - and having the one and only Danielle Redner as your cheerleader/coach is incentive enough to conquer those fears. We started out with tears, but by the 12th zip, our fears had dissipated and the fun had set in! We actually raced side by side and got competitive! It was on the ride home as we debated the outcome of the race, that we thought it might be fun to issue a little "smack down" between our two teams for June and came up with a plan for you all to benefit from our competitive natures. So here's how it's going to go down:

  • Qualify with $500 in sales by June 15th earns 1 point.
  • Hit $2300 by the end of the month and earn 1 point.
  • If you sponsor in June, earn 2 points per new stylist.
  • Promote yourself or someone on your team to Associate Stylist + (for first time) and earn 2 points per promotion.

Which ever team has the most points at the end of June will get bragging rights.

What's in it for you???
The Top Point Earner for each team earns a $100 Visa Gift Card!!
Runner Up for each team will each receive a package of Fall Collection Lookbooks!

Oh, and a little birdie at the Home Office has been leaking to Carrie that something big is coming next month. Not sure what it is going to be. Hostess Bonus Days? Double Glam Getaway points? A Piece from the New Collection? All they will reveal is that we will be very happy if we book up our June. We'll find out on Monday!!

How are you going to win that gift card? By booking up your June and sharing the Stella & Dot joy far and wide!!

Let's do this girls!!


p.s. As you will see below, Debbie won that race, but only because my "handler" pushed me too hard and I got twisted as you can clearly see! At least that's my excuse... and I'm sticking to it! ;)
Zip Line - Stephens versus Brosnan

Month End Reminders!

If you are close to hitting that $500 mark and being qualified for the month, go for it! You have tonight and tomorrow to hit it. You will be happy for those free business supplies when the gorgeous new look books arrive! Plus, if you hit it last month, you WANT to get there again to get closer to that $100 quarterly consistency bonus!

If you are inching close to $2300, close that gap! An extra 5% commission on your May sales will add up!!

And lastly, you can earn that cute "sparkle & shine" t-shirt by selling $1500 this month! If you are joining us at Hoopla, which I hope you are, everyone will be wearing this shirt on the last day for a special celebration.

Need some last minute ideas?

  • Create a "proof" of a cute personalized necklace for someone who just "needs" the perfect everyday piece, either for themselves or as a gift. I'm personally going to gift my daughter's teacher one of these necklaces this year.

  • Share the Sale Images (below) with your favorite customers. Help them save now and save again later with the Dot Dollars they earn!!

  • Dot Dollars, Dot Dollars, Dot Dollars! Share this promotion with everyone! It's a great way for people to pick up those year end teacher, dance instructor, tutor, coach and graduation gifts AND treat themselves later on in June & early July.

  • Invite a friend over for coffee or a glass of wine and happen to leave your display out. You just never know what might catch their eye! I know one fabulous new stylist, shout out to Kristen Ciambrone, who earned her jump start quick start doing that very thing!

  • Finally, wear your jewels out! Especially if you are out tonight! If you are close to a goal, share it with your friends. They just might be thrilled to be able to help you achieve it and cross an item off their list.

Good luck Ladies!!

Share the Sale!

First Five to Five in Five Incentive!!

Last month this was a fun little incentive, so I figured why not do it again?! But this month it's a bit more of a challenge! The first 5 of you who are at $500 PQV by June 10th will get a $10 gift card from Starbucks on me. Who just has to have their grande iced mochachinno next week?

Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor