Tech Tip Tuesday

March 3, 2015

In this Issue: Wind Chill, Human Body Videos, Embedding, and App Smashing.

Wind Chill Calculations

After the crazy February temperatures below zero, I found a video on how scientists and mathematicians calculate the wind chill. This is a good video for high school math students as it has some complex formulas.

To calculate your own wind chill, you can also use a wind chill calculator tool found here.

The Wind Chill Formula Explained

How Does the Human Body Work? Five Ted-Ed Videos

As I constantly look through Richard Byrne's Blog (Free Technology for Teachers), I came across this post about how the human body works. He compiled five videos on the pancreas, kidneys, lungs, heart, and liver. Check out the whole video playlist by clicking on this link or watch a single video below. These would be great videos for your students to watch as they are learning about the human body.
How do your kidneys work? - Emma Bryce

What to Embed in your Classroom Website

As educators constantly update their websites with newsletters, assignments, schedules, links, etc., there are other tools to consider putting on your site as well. These tools come from other places on the internet and the only way to add them to your site is by embedding them. If you have ever seen this symbol, "< >," then you may be somewhat familiar with embedding. On a Weebly site for example, you will see the "< >" symbol under the building blocks section.

What can I embed?

  • Quizlet Flashcards
  • Presentations (such as Google Slides)
  • Smore Newsletters
  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoints
  • Answer Garden Responses
  • Prezi Presentations
  • Flickr Slideshows
  • Google Calendar
  • Educreations Screencast Videos
  • Symballo Web Mixes
  • Remind App
  • Padlet Boards
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Any web article (use this link

As stated above, embedding tools into your webpage will give your site a little more spunk. Your website will be accessed by thousands of students and parents over and over, so keep it fresh by adding more content to it on a regular basis.

Smashing Apps - For VERY Tech Savvy Educators!

While researching new tech ideas, I came across a blog of an edtech teacher. Greg Kulowiec is known for smashing apps, which is using multiple apps together to create an advanced project. His blog is called, The History 2.0 Classroom.

In attempt to learn this new style of advanced app usage, I made my own video below using multiple different apps and programs. I explained myself in the video, but here are the tools that I used. Here is the link to Greg's Blog post on Paper53 X DoInk = Awesome.

*Start off with the app Paper53

*Use Reflector software to reflect your iPad's screen to your computer

*Use Screencast-O-Matic to record the iPad image on your computer (I saved this video to my Google Drive and downloaded it to my camera roll on my iPad)

*Use Do Ink Green Screen App to import your reflector video and layer it with a video of yourself doing an explanation

*I used large green paper as my green screen and taped it to the wall

Smashing Apps