Charlie and the chocalate factory

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MY MOVIE REVIEW: about the movie "charlie and the chocalate factory":

The movie Charlie and the chocolate factory is about a kid named charlie and his family. Charly and his family are really poor and always hungry. they live together with his parents and his four grand parents. Next to charlies house stands a big chocolate factory! The factory was closed for years and years till one day comes out flyers about the factory:


"from today' I ( willy wonka- the factory manager' will start selling in all the world chocolate bars. In 5 chocalate bars of all you will find a gold ticket. If you win the gold ticket, you get a free visit for a hole day at my factory…"

Charlie was happy to see that he can ( maybe) see the factory for the first time….

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Official Trailer #1 - Johnny Depp Movie HD