How to get Fit in a Week

By: Gabi and Matthew D.

Day 1

You will do 40 perfect sit-ups within 5 minutes
pull ups for 30 minutes
and run 1 mile around the lake.
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Day 2

Today you will run 2 miles, then you will do push-ups for 20 minutes and they have to be perfect.
Then you will have a 5 minute break and then you will jog for another mile.
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Day 3

You're going to do 3 snakes out on the football field and then run at least a mile and a half.
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Day 4

Go out and have fun with you friends and play a game, but it has to be a game in which you move your body. Remember to have fun. You never know if I'm going to drop in on you or not.
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Day 5

Now back to more hard work. Run 1 mile then perform 30 perfect push-ups. Now go do 20 pull-ups. You may take a break in the middle.
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Day 6

Do track and field all day. [high jump, long jump, mile run, etc.]
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Day 7

For the final day you will have to run 2 miles, but you may stop in between. You will also have to lift weights. The least amount of weights you may lift is 20 pounds.
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