Andrew Jackson Pres. Time Period

By Dylan Tran 5th Period

Spoil System

Everyone that voted for Jackson, and his friend, got a job at the white house. He did that so he will get more votes. Some of them had jobs that aren't real. He also hired them without looking at their history.

Trail of Tears

Trail of tears is when Jackson kicked all the natives out of their land. But the natives got mad and brought it to court. The supreme court told Jackson that it was true that it was illegal. But Jackson didn't care and did it anyways.

Killing the National Bank

This was Jackson 2nd presidential term. Jackson always hated the bank and a guy who worked there. He also thought that they were stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich. So Jackson destroyed the bank for these reasons.

Political Cartoon

I think this is a good picture because he acted like a king. He didn't follow the laws or follow what the citizen said. He also veto to destroy the national bank. He is also crushing the constitution because he kicked the natives out of their land, which is illegal.