Introducing The Camera!

It Saves Your Memories So You Don't Have To!

How It Works

You hold it out in front of you, press the button, and five minutes later it takes a picture which you then have to take to a blackroom and have developed for only a few hours! After all that hard work you then have a photograph that later gets destroyed when your Uncle Roger comes over for a visit and leaves his cigar on the couch when he gets up to use the bathroom. Of course it's possible that he feels sorry for what he did and leaves his fortune of $2 billion to you in his will.

Why You Want To Buy This High-End Technology

It can take anything you see and turn it into a painting on paper. Exactly the way you see it..... Well except for the fact it's in black and white. So forget about taking pictures of beautiful sunsets or absract artwork. It's also real useful for police and vigilantes. You can take pictures of crime scenes and criminals. Or criminals can take pictures of cops that put them away so they can later get revenge. The possibiltys are endless!

When and How It Was Invented

It was invented by George Eastman sometime around 1880 because he felt like creating a device for saving images without painting. (Obviously). That's about it.

Effects of Use

Side effects may include, but are not limited to; Joy, sadness, being beat up by other people who believe cameras are evil, blindness, paranioa, amazement, foot injuries due to dropping a heavy camera on your big toe, and other misc. and hillarious effects.