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The Savvy_Educator's Tech Integration Newsletter -May 2016

"Experiencing IT (Instructional Technology)" monthly newsletter provides information, resources, and shares awesome innovation in Region 3

Digitally Yours

It's May! Region 3, you have been such a blessing to me this year! Your drive and passion create the best learning experiences for your students. You also provide teachers the support they need to make a difference. Keep striving for continued EXCELLENCE, it is inspiring! Have a wonderful "Teacher Appreciation Week!" You deserve it! See below for the "Teacher Appreciation Challenge" and win a copy of Move your Bus by: Ron Clark!

I enjoyed being at the following schools during the month of April: Sparkman 9th Grade School, Madison County Career Technical Center, Madison Cross Roads, Monrovia Elementary, Crossville Middle School, Madison County Elementary, Asbury Elementary, Asbury High School, New Hope Elementary and Academy for Science and Foreign Language!

Have fun learning with special days in May!

May 4th - Star Wars Day! - May the "4th" be with you!

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo

May 6th - National Teachers' Day

May 8th - Mother's Day

May 20th - Armed Forces Day

May 30th - Memorial Day

Remember, I am here to serve you, and your instructional technology endeavors. Please contact me if you would like to partner to meet state, district or school goals and ultimately meet the needs of your students!

Please, share media showcasing instructional technology in action in your schools by accessing this folder May district IT happenings folder. Highlights from the information shared and submitted prior to the last Monday of this month will be featured in the May edition of "Experiencing IT" newsletter under the subtitle "CAPTURE IT Highlights".

Please feel free to contact me at any time. Let's continue to learn, grow and experience IT together!

Partnering to provide professional learning for your instructional technology endeavors.

Digitally yours,

The Savvy_Educator

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Teacher Appreciation Week Tech Challenge!

Teacher Appreciation Week Challenge - Winners

Region 3, you always amaze me. After 1 day of the newsletter being sent, we were able to have 10 great resources shared in our Google Slide Presentation! Please don't stop! Continue to share what is making a difference in your classroom with others in Region 3. Feel free to post comments on the slides and connect with other educators. We learn best when we learn from each other!

Congratulations to the following winners....

1. Laura McComb, Lynn Fanning Elementary/ Madison County Schools

2. Natalia Dooley, Instructional Technology Specialist / Madison City Schools

3. Melanie Coleman, Mill Creek Elementary/ Madison City Schools

4. Jessica Pinegar, Columbia Elementary/ Madison City Schools

5. Kari Sims, West Madison Elementary/ Madison City Schools

6. Jessica Miller, Heritage Elementary/ Madison City Schools

7. Katie Hazelton, West Madison Elementary/ Madison City Schools

8. Sonya Prater, Horizon Elementary/ Madison City Schools

9. Courtney Horton, Liberty Middle/ Madison City Schools

10. Kristi Combs, James Clemens High School/ Madison City Schools


Capture IT highlights - April


Dyslexia - Making Learning Accessible with Technology

Dyslexia News: Smart Phones better than Paper!

Three for Free - TextHelp Tools

If you use any of these resources please share pictures of it in action in the May district IT Happenings Folder.

Professional Learning Opportunities


Technology in Motion Webinars

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ARI Summer Learning Opportunities

Click here to browse the learning opportunities provided by ARI this summer.

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