The Recorder

FAMILY: Recorders are in the wind family

HISTORY: The recorder is 400 years old. The flute came from the recorders. Recorders were used during the late Renaissance and Baroque time. The Recorder is played baroque orchestras and ensembles.

TYPES OF RECORDERS: The different types of Recorder are: soprano, sopranino, alto,tenor, bass great bass, and contra bass.

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HOW DO YOU PLAY THE RECORDER: To play the recorder, you hold the recorder in the front and back. Your lips go on the mouthpiece. You blow air into the mouthpiece.

An Interview with Trina McPeake

1. How old were you when I started playing the recorder?

I started playing the recorder when I was in second grade, so about 8 or 9. I'm 40 now, so I've been playing over 30 years!

2. How big can the recorder get?

There is a whole family of recorders. The smallest is the size of a piccolo (sopranino) and the largest is about the size of a bass clarinet (bass recorder)

3. What type of music do you like to play?)

The recorder can play any music the flute can. I like to play music that goes fast and has lots of notes!

4. what is your favorite recorder and why.

I like the tenor recorder the best because the sound is very gentle, and not many people can play it.

5. Do you play in any groups or bands?)

I don't play in any recorder groups, that would be fun though! do you play the other recorder.

Most of the recorders are played the same way, so it is pretty easy to switch between the whole family of recorders.

Merly De Leon

I am 9 years old and in 4th grade. My teacher is Miss Gonzalez. I live in Marshalltown, Iowa. I used to live in Dominic Republic. My favorite subject is music My favorite thing to do is dance. My favorite place is school. My favorite instrument is the recorder.