The Big Move

One day I came home from school soon as I walked into the house I seen that it was empty so I called my mom and said where is all of our stuff then she said where moving to Florida because your dad found an better paying job so we will be moving to Florida . I was starting to get upset because I didn't want to leave my best friend she was the only good friend that I had we would play together all the time outside and we walk to the bus stop together every morning but I guess today was the last day that we will see each other anymore, so I called her and told her that I was moving and she started crying which made me start crying to so I told her to come visit me before I left . When she arrived it was emotional because I didn't want to leave but my mom said we had to leave so we said our bye and we hugged each other then I got in the car and we left for Florida.

When we arrived to Florida we saw our new house it was bigger than the one we lived in New York but it doesn't feel the same because i will be going to a new to a new school with new people that I don't know its not going to feel the same because i cant walk to the bus stop or go to outside to play with my best friend anymore. But I will be planning to visit her when one weekend so we can hang out .She has been calling me and checking on me asking how did I like my school and I said yes it okay and I told her I was coming to visit her this weekend . When I arrived back in New York I was happy to see her so she had planned our whole day out where going shopping then were going to see and movie then I have to go back to Florida.

when we got done having our girls day out I went back to Florida when I got back home my mom asked me how did I enjoy my weekend I said I enjoyed it she said next time you ask her parents can she come spent a weekend with you in Florida so you can show her around and yall can enjoy yall selfs down here.