By:Hannah Lee & Aubrey Smith


Rivers: Tigris & Euphrates.

In Southern Mesopotamia people known as seminarians developed the worlds first civilization.

However, 3,000 BC, several hundreds thousand seminarians had settled in Mesopotamian


Mesopotamia had built irrigation canals that help with flooding & drought problems .

With irrigation the people of Mesopotamia were able to grow more food.

Written language

It was made for their business records.

they wrote in Cuneiform.

they wrote with a stylus on clay tablets.

Political systems (government)

King or rulers ,priests , skilled craftspeople , merchants , traitors , large working class of farmers , labors ,and slaves

Hammurabi was the ruler of Mesopotamia .

Hammurabi was the monarch or, king and helped with irrigation projects .Hammurabi was also the king of Babylon and that is in Mesopotamia .


wheel,wagons,wheel,ziggrats,statues of their goddess in their temples,medicines.


a small group of Mesopotamian's believed in one god so their religion is monotheistic -named Judaism.

most people were polytheistic in Mesopotamia.