Quarter 4 Week 5

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Fit as a fiddle vocab

Assignment # 1

Let's start this week reviewing some previous concepts and add some new ones !!


Name: ____________________

Date: ____________

Key Terms

1. anaerobic metabolism

2. anorexia

3. contraction

4. deep muscles

5. doping

6. fast-twitch fibers

7. individual sports

8. insulin

9. involuntary muscles

10. lactic acid

11. metabolism

12. Muscles

13. overtraining

14. slow-twitch fibers

15. strength training

16. superficial muscles

17. voluntary muscles

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Muscle questions

Assignment # 2

1. Define the different types of muscles found in the body.

2. Describe the function and importance of skeletal muscles.

3. List the benefits of strength training.

4. Explain the importance of safety during strength training.

5. Describe a variety of strength training exercises and how to perform them properly.

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Anaerobic questions

Assignment # 3

1. Describe what anaerobic exercise is and why it is important in a workout program.

2. List various anaerobic sports.

3. Define the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

4. Explain the concept of interval training.

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Fitness questions

Assignment # 4

1. What are the main differences among smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles?

2. Why is strength training so important to add to your workout plan?

3. Why is it important to perform strength training exercises correctly?

4 Give an example of interval training.

5. How can anaerobic exercise affect your overall health?

6. Give an example of an aerobic exercise and an anaerobic exercise.

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Quiz questions

Assignment # 5


Physical Education Core (S3207165)

Name: ____________________

Points possible: 25

Date: ____________

1. Describe the three different muscles types in the body. (5 points)

2. What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Use examples to illustrate the difference. (5 points)

3. Describe three different strength training exercises and the muscle or muscle group they target. Do not choose exercises that target the same muscle or muscle group. (5 points)

4. List three dangers associated with using performance-enhancing drugs. (5 points)




5. For what purpose was karate originally developed? List at least two facts you learned about karate. (5 points)