يوم الثلاثاء TUESDAY

Extra Credit Opportunity for Today, 8 ديسمبر

Extra Credit Video - Click to Watch

CLICK to watch this virtual tour of old traditional Arabic home in. Make sure to fill out the form below "Read Today's Announcement" to get the extra credit:)

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For Omnia, Mary C, and Elizabeth G.

For pointing out a link that is not working and for asking a question related to "Calendar" assignment & coaching. This kind of communication is very important to make sure that all kinks, videos & Discussion Board threads are working properly for you. If you can't view a video or post on the discussion board, then you won't be able to submit your assignments on time. I would love to hear from all of you by BBIM, Text or phone.

"Mabrouk - مبروك "- Congrats!

What's Due Today? 12/8

Please go through your grades to make sure you have submitted all missing work for lessons 6-11.

Today your Lesson 12.2 assignment " Traditional Arabic House" is DUE. Please don't forget to submit that assignment on time, by 11:59pm TODAY!
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  • Assig 6.1: Greeting Discussion
  • Assig 6.2: Reading& Role play in coaching session
  • Assig 6.3: Comprehension
  • Assig 6.4: Coaching Sessions
  • End of Lesson 6 Quiz
  • Assig. 7.1: Calligraphy - Discussion
  • Assig. 7.2: Grammar Pronouns
  • Assig. 7.3: Describe School
  • Assig. 7.4 Coaching Sessions
  • End of Lesson 7 Quiz


  • Assig. 8.1: Arabs & Astronomy - Discussion
  • Assig. 8.2: Describing Weekly Schedule
  • Assig. 8.3: My Calendar
  • Assig. 8.4: Coaching Sessions
  • End of Lesson 8 Quiz


  • Assig. 9.1: Hospitality - Discussion
  • Assig. 9.2: Vocabulary & Speaking
  • Assig. 9.3: Family Tree
  • Assig. 9.4 Coaching Sessions
  • End of Lesson 9 Quiz
  • Assig. 10.1: Listening
  • Assig. 10.2: Shopping Presentation
  • Assig. 10.3: Grammar
  • Assig. 10.4: Coaching Sessions
  • End of Lesson 10 Quiz

Lesson 12 Culture Corner - Traditional Arabic House

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.