Donovan Mcnabb

By Cameron Kielbicki

Donovan Mcnabb is well-known for playing pro football for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Important Facts

  • First, Donovan Mcnabb was in the Campbell's chunky soup commercial with his mother Wilma.
  • Next, Donovan Mcnabb was involved in charities.
  • Lastly, Donovan Mcnabb helped the Philadelphia Eagles get to the Super Bowl. Sadly, they lost to the NewEngland Patriots.

Important Person, Place, and Thing

  • Doug Williams was Donovan Mcnabb's childhood hero.
  • Donovan Mcnabb played in the pro bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Donovan Mcnabb's dream was to play football.

Important facts

  • First, In college, Donovan Mcnabb played for the Syracuse Orange.
  • Next, Donovan Mcnabb got the second overall pick in the Nfl draft.
  • Then, Donovan Mcnabb liked to imitate the coach.
  • Fourth, Donovan Mcnabb was on the front cover of a Espn Magazine with his teammate Terrell Owens.
  • Finally, Donovan Mcnabb won the NFC championship game and took the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Life Lesson

If you work hard you can accomplish anything.

Donovan Mcnabb by Michael Chatlien