Week Ahead

Mar 21- 25, 2016

Welcome back, and happy spring! I hope that everyone had a great break, and that you're feeling rested and ready for the last leg of the school year. The remaining months will be busy ones, and they will fly by.
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This Week:

Mon March 21 Day 5- Marian Small- Selby, 6:00 p.m.;

Earth Hour; 1:35-2:35

Tues Mar 22 Day 1- Christa Cox from BAT team here for observations in Pete's class

Wed Mar 23 Day 2- Principals meeting, Chad away;


Sarah at CI; p.m.

Thurs Mar 24 Day 3- Karen at SST meeting, a.m.

Soap fundraiser begins;


Fri Mar 25- Good Friday

Coming Up:

Mon Mar 28 Day 5- Easter Monday

Mar 29- Swim to Survive, gr. 3s;

Karen at mentor meeting; p.m.

Mar 30- Tanya Heyman- attendance meeting; 2 p.m.;

Compass Training for select students

Apr 1 Schools on the Map meeting- Selby; 2 p.m.