The Shark Kite

Constructing a Kite


the Tools needed for this project are wood dowels(12),yarn(10ft)tape/if you want you can use a hot glue gun,ribbon,paint,Trash bag and a permanent marker.Those are the tools needed to build your kite

How to make your kite

how to make a kite step by step :D

#1 get two wood dowels and tape them together, they must form a triangle.( /\ ) the triangle must form a 90 degree angle like a ''L''.If the base is 50cm the hight should be 50cm.

#2 after they are taped add two more wood dowels but this time make them into a cross shape they should form a ''t'' shape.Tape them together in the center

#3 after that place the the the ''t'' shaped wood dowel in the center of the triangle (/t\) then tape them together

#4 then they should look like a triangle with a ''t'' between them. Connect all of that with tape.

#5 place the taped wood dowels over the the plastic bag.

#6 with a permanent marker trace the out line of the kite then pull off the wood dowels

#7 with some scissors cut off the triangle.

#8 then place the wood dowels over the bag to match the shape.

#9 for this step i prefur to use hot glue to have less weight.Hot glue only the wing spars to the bag.the let it dry for about ten seconds.

#10 tape or hot glue the center of the kite to the bag do the same to the center of the spine and the bottom as well.

#11 make a right triangle slightly small to be the keel (about a 45 degree angle on the

triangle). then simply make a whole on the tip of the keel that is called the tow.

#12 connect the keel to the kite then through the tow place a string and roll the string to a popsicle stick then your kite is ready.Number 13 is optional

#13 make a nice desigh to your kite.

#14 your kite is finished and ready to fly have fun


do not fly your kite in threatening weather

Tape kite very tight

fly away from light posts,trees and light cables

make sure your string is stong depending on how big the kite is.

Have Fun

To have fun with your kite play with your friends and family

Why i chose the delta kite

I chose the delta kite because it is a very unique looking kite because i had to :p

My friends told me

I give credit

I give credit to these 3 websites helped me on what angle to make helped me on pictures AND