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February 27, 2021

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Hello Conroe Tiger Families,

Thank you for a great month of February! As we move into March, we have two weeks until Spring Break. Let’s continue working hard on assignments and projects. Our third marking period ends on Thursday, March 11th. The end of the marking period will be an opportunity to gain or lose UIL eligibility. Please communicate with your teachers if you are missing any assignments.

If your family is still suffering from damages caused by the winter storm, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We will do our best to connect you with resources and offer assistance.

Here are a couple of updates and reminders:

  1. If you have a student that will be a 9th grade student next year, we ask that you join our live webinar on Monday, March 1st at 6:00 PM to provide information about the campus and the course verification process. Information regarding the webinar can be found here:

  2. Monday, March 8th, we will be following a White Day Schedule. We had to make a change to balance out time within our classes. We understand that this causes a few transportation changes. Please prepare accordingly.

  3. Marking period 3 ends Thursday, March 11th.

  4. There is no school for students on Friday, March 12th.

Spring Semester Exam Exemptions: We would like to expand our semester exam exemption policy for the Spring semester. By taking care of business academically and behaviorally, some of our students will have the option of being exempt. Our students that meet the criteria for exemption will not need to report to school at the time of the scheduled exam. They will have the option of being virtual for the exam time and will register their attendance remotely. All of our students may take their exams if they choose. Please see the requirements below to qualify for the option of being exempt.

Attendance: In-person students, if you are not sick, then we need you to be at school. If you are not able to attend due to being symptomatic, or being in quarantine, then you need to log into each days’ scheduled classes. If you are told to quarantine, then please let us know if you have connection issues at home and we will work with you to keep you connected to our learning platforms.

Vape Detectors - We have installed vape detection devices around our Main Campus. We have announced this to students on several occasions. I highly encourage you to speak to your children about the health and legal consequences associated with vaping.

It is great to see so many of our students participating in various spring sports and activities. We wish them continued success and appreciate them positively representing our school and community. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

With Tiger Pride,

Tasha Smith

Principal, Conroe High School

James Bush

Principal, Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus

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Counselors Newsletter

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CHS School Calendar

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Important Information For Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

CHS Exemption Policy:

Parking Passes - If your child is driving to school please be sure they take care of everything they need to in order to purchase a parking pass.

Car Riders -If you drop your students off before 6:45, please know they may not be supervised. Parents that will be dropping off their students, DO NOT drop your student off on Hwy 105!

Important Information For Freshmen

CHS9 Exemption Policy:

Tutorials Information - At the Ninth Grade campus, students can stay for afterschool tutorials with a pass from their teacher. Tutorials are made by appointment for both in person and virtual students. Information regarding Ninth Grade Campus tutorials can be found here:

Students that have an appointment to stay for tutorials will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian at 3:30. Students that do not have a ride will need to register for the CISD Late Bus. Please register your student for the late bus here:

Student Drop-Off - If you bring your student to school by vehicle, then please remember that the traffic loop in front of the Ninth Grade Campus contains two lanes. Vehicles can utilize the inside lane (left lane) to help alleviate traffic. When our duty personnel see students getting out of the vehicle from the left lane, we will stop traffic in the right lane allowing your student to cross safely. Please remind your student to check traffic before getting out of the vehicle. Parents, please continue to drive slowly and safely in the student drop-off area. Wednesdays and Fridays have more traffic in the morning. We appreciate your attention to safety and patience every day.

CHS9 Merchandise - We have Class of 2024 t-shirts and hoodies available in the front office at the Ninth Grade Campus. Please have your student stop by if they are interested in purchasing some merchandise.


Important Dates

**Tickets must be purchased online for all athletic events!**

Tuesday, March 2 - Softball vs. Caney Creek

Tuesday, March 2 - Sub-Varsity Baseball vs. Klein

Tuesday, March 3 - SAT SCHOOL DAY!

Thursday, March 4 - Cap and Gown Pictures

Friday, March 5 - Girls Soccer vs. Grand Oaks

Tuesday, March 9 - Boys Soccer vs. College Park

Tuesday, March 9 -Varsity Baseball vs. Klein Oak

Friday, March 12 - No School for Students

Monday, March 15 - Friday, March 19- Spring Break

Monday, March 15 - Sub-Varsity Baseball vs. Oak Ridge

Friday, March 19 - Girls Soccer vs. Willis

Monday, March 22 - Sub-Varsity Baseball vs. The Woodlands

Friday, March 26 - Softball vs. Grand Oaks

Friday - March 26 -Varsity Baseball vs. Willis

Tuesday, March 30 - Varsity Baseball vs. Oak Ridge

Thursday - April 1 - Sub-Varsity Baseball vs. Grand Oaks


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