By: Zach Walker and Connor Rekito

Where the Religion Started

The Judaism religion started in Mesopotamia. It started around 1500-2000 BC. The Bible says that Abraham left Mesopotamia and settled in Canaan.

Founders of the Religion

The founders of the religion was Abraham, and Moses. People that followed Judaism were known as Hebrews. When Abraham was tested by God to sacrifice his son a angel stopped him. Moses led the people of Hebrews out of Egypt that they called the Exodus.

Basic Beliefs

They believed in the Bible, Exodus, Ten Commandments, and the Torah. Followers of the religion were monotheistic. The Ten Commandments contain rules that all of the Hebrews had to follow or they would get punished. By accepting the Ten Commandments, the Hebrews agreed to worship only God. They are the oldest monotheistic religion

Where Did It Spread

It spread from Mesopotamia and Canaan to Israel, Egypt, and Jerusalem. After Saul died David used support from the people to become king of Israel. David won the support of Israel's tribal leaders.