SHS Triannual Newsletter

3/19/2021 Issue 2

A word from the Principal

Dear Student & Families,

Winter Trimester brought new metrics and allowed us to return to in-person instruction in a Hybrid model. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have students back in the building and returning to a more 'normal' school day. Having students back in the building has renewed the student's and staff's purpose. Social distancing has made us all a bit more lonely. I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support and your willingness to work with us through all of this year! We appreciate the partnership! I have a feeling more will change and we will get even closer to a "normal" school day! Please enjoy the student work shared in this newsletter and as always if you have questions or concerns reach out!

Mrs. Blackwell

Leadership Student Poem - Hey CDL by Hunter Zeiher 2-8-2020

Hey CDL, you suck. You were great for the first couple of months, then you made everyone angry, lonely, and depressed. I thought you weren't gonna be around long, but our relationship lasted a year. You drove me insane, you made me distant and look at everything so negative. I wasn’t there for people who may have needed me because of the mindset you brought me to. With you, the lockdown, and not being able to do anything all teaming up on me; it brought me to my knees and I had broken me down to nothing. School was an escape for all of us kids, even if we hated it while we were there; we never missed something so much in our life once it left. When I said bye to school I said bye to 85% of my social life.

Never call me again CDL, we are done.

Ag Students Bloom During In Person Instruction

With the return of in-person hybrid instruction, agriculture 2, 3, and 4 students have been able to engage in the hands-on "learning by doing" content that is inherent to an agriculture class. While previously meeting once a week for limited in-person instruction, daily class meetings have helped bring back a sense of normalcy to the agriculture curriculum. All students have enjoyed working in the greenhouse once again, preparing for the annual plant sale. Students were able to wrap up their ag classes for the year by learning about floral design, food science, landscape design, and electrical wiring to name a few.

Anatomy & Physiology Dissections

Scio High School's Anatomy and Physiology class, which earns Biology 103 college credit, dissected cow hearts, and sheep eyeballs to explore the structures of each part. These parts are very similar to human anatomy.

It is helpful to students to be able to see and feel the part in 3 dimensions to better understand how each part of the organ fits and works together to make the organ function the way that it does.

Big picture
Big picture

Spanish 2 Final Projects

Spanish 2 students needed to create, all in Spanish, a diagram of their bedroom. Here are some prime examples of student work.

Wood Shop Products Thanks to In-Person Instruction

With the return to Hybrid instruction Woodshop, students were able to produce some amazing products. Students tried new techniques and were able to produce one-of-a-kind products.

Summative Statewide Testing Slated for May