The Work/Life Balance Myth:

A Time Management Teleseries

Can You Relate?

  • Are you at the mercy of time or do you make it work for you?
  • Does life feel like a constant guilt trip – love work or love life?
  • Do you face every day with the thought you will never get everything done?
  • Does perfectionism drain your energy and your time?
  • Are distractions wasting your time and creating frustration?
  • Do you struggle to say no and then face feeling completely overwhelmed and resentful of activities and other people?
  • Does procrastination cause unneeded stress?

What if You Could:

  • Shift your energy and master time?
  • DE-stress about not having enough time to get it all done?
  • Eliminate time and energy wasters?
  • Deal with the voice of perfection and the drain of procrastination?
  • Become proficient at managing tasks?
  • Delegate effectively?
  • Identify and commit to your non-negotiables?
  • Set boundaries and say no?
  • Identify what your triggers and distractions are and establish systems to keep you on track?
  • Create a clear vision for today and the future that aligns with your top values and priorities?

JOIN ME As We Dive Into the Myth of Work/Life Balance and Create a Life of Empowered Choices!

In this 8-week, interactive teleseries, you will learn HOW to do everything above through education, weekly assignments, and live coaching. You will have the understanding of what engages your energy around time, what keeps you stuck, and how to create strategies and systems that enable you to enjoy your time. Balance insinuates work and life are separate. When we separate them we create unneeded stress and guilt. We will determine where your passion lies and how to make choices that bring you greater fulfillment in ALL areas of your life!

Program Includes:

  • 8 1-hour live calls with ICF certified professional coach Jennifer Andersen ($1200 value) Recordings provided if you miss them.
  • Private Facebook group for challenges, questions, interaction, inspiration and support (priceless!)
  • Weekly assignments for personal development between calls ($197 value)
  • BONUS audio around Energy and its impact on your perspective of time and your ability to navigate tasks and your subsequent success in life ($125 value)
  • Option to add in Energy Leadership Assessment and 90 minute private debrief: measures your energy in normal situations as well as under stress in addition to your stress triggers and opportunities for personal development ($250 value)- add for $100


Call Dates and Times: Tuesday afternoons noon-1pm EST OR evenings, 8- 9pm EST January 12-March 1, 2016

The calls are one hour in length and filled with activities, training, and mini-assignments. You will be invited to a private Facebook page as well for interaction between calls. The calls are recorded should you have to miss one and you also receive a workbook to preserve your course information.


Rather than leave you with a laundry list of ways to manage your calendar, we are deep diving into what STOPS you from using them. We will uncover your core values, limiting beliefs and the inner barriers that both help you and hinder you when managing your time and decisions. Yes, we will discuss concrete and tangible systems and tools, but we go so much further to get to the root of procrastination, lack of boundaries, stress, overwhelm, etc. It is POWERFUL STUFF!


"I feel empowered and excited after every call, ready to make changes that I want. I feel stronger, smarter and more in control of the decisions I am making. Jen asks all the right questions and knows exactly when to push me beyond my comfort zone. " ~Brenda R.

"I took this course to help me with my business, but it has helped with ALL areas of my life. I've used the skills I've learned with parenting, my marriage, family, and volunteering. It has helped me be a better, more efficient, and happier me!”

~Kristin S.

"I signed up with Jen for coaching with business development in mind. Jen took me down an amazing path of self-awareness and transition. She helped me see that I can create the job and life that I desire. I have removed the "shoulds" from my life and it is so freeing! I have learned so much about what is holding me back from true happiness and success in my career. Now I am on a journey that will set me up for transitioning into an "empty nest" in a few years and creating a successful business along the way."

~Nikki B.


Register By JANUARY 4th TO SAVE! Price increases to $297 after January 4!

Option 1: Pay in Full $247 for 8 week course

Option 2: 3 bi-weekly payments of $90 - Contact me at to set up recurring payments.

BONUS: Add the Energy Leadership Assessment and 90 min debrief ($250 value). It is $347 for the course AND the assessment and debrief. A $150 savings!!! (The E.L.I. is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. It measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world in normal circumstances as well as under stress. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with a coach using the E.L.I., you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and overall effectiveness.)

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About Jennifer Andersen

Jennifer Andersen, ICF Certified Professional Coach (ACC) and ELI Master Practitioner, is the owner of Empower Consulting. She is dedicated to helping overwhelmed individuals who struggle with focus and time management make choices that lead to more balanced and fulfilled personal and professional lives. And Jennifer GETS IT! She is a wife, mother of 4 amazing kids ages 4-13, and has had a career in public education, 11 years building a nationally recognized multi-million dollar direct sales team, and she then transitioned her career into coaching and training other women how to be successful in work AND life without losing themselves in the process.

Jennifer is passionate about the power of coaching and high-impact personal development and training for women who love their work, love their personal lives, and want to get the most out of both without stress and guilt. Yes! It is possible!