DWA Vertebrate/Invertebrate Project


I picked the lionfish because it is my favorite aquatic animal.
The lionfish is a invertebrate because it doesn't have a backbone.

Scientific name & meaning

Scientific name: Pterois

Pterios means a bright striped fish, with long spiny fins.


Lionfish live in reefs and rocky surfaces in the Indian-Pacific ocean.


Lionfish are predators. They stretch out their pectoral fins and corner their prey.

Unique adaptions

The lionfish have venomous fins that help protect themselves.

The lionfish has fast reflexes to help catch its prey.

Human uses

Lionfish are captured to show them in aquariums.

Lionfish are also eaten by humans.

Conservation status

Least Concern

The lionfish population continues to grow.

Interesting Facts

Lionfish can live up to 15 years.

If a human is stung by a lionfish it can can make adults sick for days and can kill children.

Lionfish blow jets of water when they are approaching their prey.

Shark, grouper and moray eels prey on lionfish.

Lionfish are known for their venomous fin rays.

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Lionfish poem

Lionfish, Lionfish, where are you?

You can be found in the Indian-Pacific blue.

Lionfish please don’t hurt me.

Your venomous fins can sting me like a bee.

I search for you in the coral reef and rocks

While the time is going tick-tock.

As you prey, upon a piece of shrimp bait

I can’t wait to try you on my plate.

Food web

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1. Where are lionfish found?

2. Is a lionfish invertebrate or vertebrate?

3. How long can a lionfish live?