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AVID February Newsletter

Here are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Happy February AVID Family!

This month represents so much more than love and acceptance. In AVID, not only are we celebrating Valentine's Day by sending E-cards to St. Judes Kids, we're celebrating Black History Month, Counselor Appreciation, and honoring President's Day. What else would you like to see celebrated in the AVID classroom? Please let us know.

Mrs. Hendrickson and Mrs. Forrest are thrilled about all of the great accomplishments going on in AVID this year and so far, here are our favorite highlights:

💕Clark HS AVID received $1000 from Texas Instruments (presented by the school board president)

💕We've added 14 new AVID students to our program this semester

💕Increased engagement with the AVID Newsletter

💕8th Grade AVID Symposium with Carpenter Middle School

💕AVID Focus Note PD is off to a great start.

💕AVID Council is up and running and is taking on a great community service project

💕We've received an overwhelming response from the nation's colleges and universities. We are expecting a bunch of college swag and goodies along with scheduled virtual speakers.

Stay Woke, Black Girl by Arriyah Phillips

Stay Woke, Black Girl

From the span of my hips,

To my fro, to my toes,

To the melanin of my skin,

To my appearance as “ghetto”

The bigger my hair,

The harder they stare,

But I don't let the tears stain my face,

I don't let the broken, ignorant

Put me in my place

I’m black; no apology

They test me like biology

They expect me to embody poverty

Stay woke, black girl,

They're offended by your skin

Stay woke, black girl,

“Shut up, blend in.”

Stay woke, black girl,

“Control your anger; don't be snappy.”

Stay woke, black girl,

“Comb your hair; it’s too nappy”

Stay woke, black girl,

“Your words are just chatter”

Stay woke, black girl,

“Black lives don't matter”

Stay woke, black girl,

Stay woke.

(Printed with permission)

Please click on Arriyah's photo to listen to her Birthday Song (Turning 16). The incredibly gifted and talented young lady is in 10th Grade AVID.

Virtual College Night

Big picture

SMU Virtual Night

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 7pm

This is an online event.

Zoom details coming soon

AVID Council Announcment

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Family Corner

SMU is offering services to families and students:

Plano ISD Alumni Spotlight

Zachary Kolodny

Location: Austin, TX for school, although I still spend time in Plano and that is where my permanent address is.

Time at Clark High School: August 2012-June 2014

Extracurricular Involvement While at CHS: Theater, HOSA, and NHS.

University Attended: University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) [Political Science & Economics (BA)]

University Currently Attending: The University of Texas School of Law [Doctorate of Jurisprudence [JD])

Aspiring Career: I want to be a public defender. A public defender provides legal representation to individuals who are accused of crimes but cannot afford their own lawyer.

Description of pathway to achievement: I worked hard but I also had a lot of support systems along the way.

Hobbies or interests: Politics and volunteer legal work.

Advice for students: My main advice is to work hard and not compare yourself to others. I also will convey the advice of my law school dean at our virtual orientation which was to try your best not to offend or be offended. We should approach life with the best intentions and at least initially assume others offer the same. Finally, I encourage students to always remember to give back to their community and help the less fortunate.

Educator's Corner

  • AVID Beyond Cornell: Focus Notes in the Virtual Space is now in Canvas. The last day the course will be available is February 26th – all work must be completed by 11:59 that evening. Please reach out to Ashley Hendrickson for questions about the course.

Student Produced College Posters

Ashley Hendrickson

AVID Coordinator

9th Grade AVID Elective Teacher

Kenya Forrest

10th Grade AVID Elective Teacher