This Week w/ Ms. Werth

Sept. 12th - Sept. 16th

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Blackburn Blast - We Need Your Help

This year our school is having the Blackburn Blast a little earlier than normal (Friday, September 30th). This is going to be a great fundraising opportunity for our school and tons of fun for all involved!

BUT.....we need your help :) Each classroom teacher is asked to have several bags of candy donated to provide to the students/families that play the games we are running, as well as securing willing volunteers to help staff the games. This year we are also in charge of a scooter race (which is tons of fun, an easy sell for kids, and requires very little effort from our parent volunteers besides having fun with the kids).

Please, please, please consider donating candy and/or your time. If interested and available, feel free to email me or Deb Smith (my spectacular grade parent) at or Sharon Whalen (Ms. Bolick's spectacular grade parent) at

*More info to come from one or both of these ladies soon.

Math and Science

This week in math we had Guided Math going full swing! Students were working with me in small groups focusing on factors and multiples, playing multiplication games with dice in their designated groups, using chrome books to work through lessons on MobyMax at their own individual pace, and doing some independent review on multi-digit addition and subtraction.

This week in science students have created their own Portrait of a Scientist (with six adjectives surrounding the image) to spark our "stereotypical scientist" conversation and the facts and opinions surrounding those preconceived notions. Students also worked through Science Studies Weekly, focusing on types and properties of matter.

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Congratulations to Sam and Sarah, they both did an exceptional job guiding our guests around the building and informing them about all the fantastic things happening at Blackburn!

This week during our designated Leader in Me time, we have been reviewing Habit 1: Be Proactive. During our review, we have discussed Proactive vs. Reactive (ask your child about the gopher video) and Circle of Influence (what we can personally control vs. what is out of our control). In order to catch up from last week, we have also been working on Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind. For this habit, we have discussed the fact that students are basically "the driver" and must decide where it is they want to go in life and how they're going to get there (ask your child about the Ormie the Pig video).

As we move further into our Leader in Me discussions, students will also be working on creating their own WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) for both personal and academic interest in order to ensure a successful, structured school year.

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Secure Volunteer Background Checks

Blackburn has changed to a more comprehensive background check for our volunteers. The cost for the background check is $19.45 and it is self-enter and self-pay.

Once approved, you will receive a Secure Volunteer card in the mail that will be valid for two years. Those who have a current background check (completed within the past 2 years) are still eligible to volunteer without completing this process until the two years has expired.

Here is the link to complete the background check if you are interested in working with our wonderful students or volunteering to chaperone one of our field trips this year:

**There is NO background check required to help out with our Blackburn Blast

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Important Dates

  • Thursday, Sept. 15th - Ident-a-Kid (10:20)
  • Thursday, Sept. 15th - Curriculum Night (5:00-5:45 and 6:00-6:45)
  • Friday, Sept. 16th - Fall Pictures
  • Monday, Sept. 19th - Grandparent's Week (Bolick's homeroom)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20th - Grandparent's Week (my homeroom)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21st - Early Release Day (12:30)
  • Thursday, Sept. 22nd - Interest Meeting for Joining Boy Scouts (6:00pm-7:00pm)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 28th - Progress Reports Go Home
  • Friday, Sept. 30th - Blackburn Blast

Connect With Ms. Werth

Please note that email is my preferred form of communication and assures you, the parent, of the quickest possible response. Rest assured, that should you wish to contact me via another method, I will respond as soon as time permits. Thank you!