Delia Moreno

A Rose Gardener

The time she survived a coma

When she was 45 she was in a coma and stayed at the hospital for 6 years.My mom was so worried .It happened before I was born so I don't know the whole story.When my grandmother toled me after 6 years in the hospital she finally woke up and reunited with my mom then 20 years later I was Born and that was the story that my grandmother was in a deep coma.

A Leason she learned

3 brains is better than 1

When she was in elementary years she had a project.The class had a choice,work alone or with a group of three.What my grandmother did was choose to work alone but her friends wanted her to join after the project was over.My grandmother got a bad grade so has her friends.So the teacher let them have a retake

Danny Delarosa 5-6