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Kelsey Rose Brown

About Me

My name is Kelsey Brown and I am a second year Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders major at The University of Georgia from Lexington, Kentucky. I am intending to get a certificate in Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology.

After receiving both undergraduate and graduate degrees, I plan on practicing Speech-Language Pathology, while also pursuing an interest in arts integration with therapy and education. This interest has grown from my own internship experiences working in music therapy as well as theatre for young audiences.

My personal hobbies include musical theatre, drama, music, art, and crafting, along with traveling, reading Children's literature, and working with young people.

Universal Design for Learning

How can Speech-Language Pathologists use assistive technology to facilitate pre-literacy activities?

Symbaloo for Communication AT

Creating literacy-rich classrooms

These classrooms are outfitted with important details to create and nurture literacy in the classroom. The first room is for early elementary whereas the second would be for older students. The focus shifts from imaginative and adaptive independent reading in elementary school to reading and writing content in upper grades. Certain things like a classroom library, quiet reading area, and story manipulation items create an atmosphere condusive for learning and literacy.

Chapter 7: Assistive Technology for Academics

Audience: General Education Teacher in a specific subject.

  • Using the 11 Assessment of Individual Needs Questions on p. 129 in your textbook, respond to 5 of the questions about the student you’ve selected, using references from the chapter.

  • Write a short term IEP goal that includes AT, based on your responses to the previous question. See page 148 for an example.
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Chapter 8: Visual Organization Strategies and Study Skills

Audience: Anthony or Amelia’s parents

  • What is visually cued instruction?

  • Describe one of the eight types of individual supports explained in the chapter.

  • Select Anthony or Amelia - describe the visual supports that could be used to improve Anthony’ or Amelia’s school performance.

  • Using Box 8.1 (p. 162) as a reference, conduct a search for personal mobile device apps that could support the learning needs of Anthony or Amelia. Explain why, when, and how the app would be used.

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Kelsey Rose Brown

Anthony by Kelsey Rose Brown

Chapter 9: Supporting Social and Emotional Behavior

Audience: Faculty committee tasked with improving grade level or school-wide student behavior

  • What is the functional behavior assessment (FBA) process?

  • What are the required components of a Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) plan?

  • Describe an AT that supports positive social-emotional behavior

I have designed three handout/ posters to serve as reminders to educators when having to implement these plans in the classroom

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Literacy Kit