Career Technology Tutor

I'm the best in the business

Reasons to hire me

1. I know how to fix any computer problem that you might have.

2. I've taught many different people in my seminars (the next one might be you!).

3. I'll teach you how to fix and reprogram your computers.

4. Once done with my classes you will know how to fix almost any problems with your computer.

Come to my orginal and top of the line classes to find the solutions to your computer problems.

Monday, June 2nd, 11:45pm

Missoula, MT, United States

Missoula, Mt

Only allowing 100 people to my first seminar.

Afterword you can sign up for any of my other courses

Things about my Life and Career

I went to Harvard to learn how to work with different technology, but mainly computers.

I've been in this career from the time I graduated college to now (25 years).

I was valedictorian in my time at Harvard.