Welcome to Week Six

Leadership and Managing Communication (BUS302)

Weekly Content

Notice that we're skipping around this week. We're going to jump to chapters 14 and 15 on leadership and communications management. These two topics go hand in hand and will lead into more specific topics like managing and motivating people.

Late Submissions

We've made it past the halfway point so some of you may have missed a deadline on an assignment or two. The University's late policy allows work to be submitted up to two weeks after the due date for partial credit. If you have documentation of extraordinary circumstances, e.g. a major medical or weather event, then I can waive the late policy once I receive the documentation. In that case, you should have your work submitted no later than five days after the event.

In either case, once you've submitted a late assignment, you should send me an email letting me know that it needs to be graded.

Second Written Assignment

Our second written assignment is due at the end of this week. It's not so much a formal written assignment as a presentation. You'll need to create a set of PowerPoint slides and include a recorded narration. I've put some information in the This Week in Business News section of the Week 3 area on adding a narration and making a good presentation.