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January 2021

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College and Career Readiness

Judson and Wagner High School Students, Click on Alamo Promise Logo to Save your seat!

  • The AlamoPROMISE program is only open to graduating seniors at participating high schools. Students must submit the Save Your Seat form by February 15, 2021. Students who do not submit the Save Your Seat form by February 15, 2021 will not be eligible for AlamoPROMISE.

  • The Save Your Seat form is non-binding. Submitting the Save Your Seat form shows that you are interested in having your tuition and required fees covered as an AlamoPROMISE Scholar at the Alamo Colleges District.

  • Only one form is needed to 'save your seat' at any of the five colleges of the Alamo Colleges District: San Antonio College, St. Philip's College, Palo Alto College, Northwest Vista College, and Northeast Lakeview College.

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Ransomed Life Trainings

Click here for presentations on how to keep youth safe from human trafficking.

Social Emotional Learning

Mindful Practices

Our theme for January is “Expressing Emotions”. We’ve included activities to help us “own” where we are at in the moment and to celebrate the ways we share our unique qualities with the world.

Your Leadership Support Tip for the Month:

As we step into this new year, it is important that we continue to take time for ourselves, to rejuvenate and take breaks when needed. An effective mindfulness practice is to notice the senses in the moment of everyday occurrences. Try to "listen" with your whole body. This will help to build awareness and better respond to your holistic needs, while also preparing to recognize the varied needs of others.

Sensory Experiences

Self Care Through Our 5 Senses


Friendly reminder that we will continue to be hosting office hours for staff who would like to connect and get their Class Catalyst questions answered live on Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 pm CT. Click HERE to join via Google Meet.

Please send any questions or tech needs to

On Demand Calendar

We have a monthly bitly link to our Live Offering SEL Engagement Calendar so you can plan ahead for webinars you or your students may want to attend, and share-out with your community so that families can do the same!

Early Childhood SEL

Elementary SEL

Middle School SEL

High School SEL

Espanol PreK-High School

Live Offerings and Office Hours

3-Part Everyday Self-Care & Well-Being Workshop

Thanks to Judson's partnership with Mindful Practices this school year, the following sessions are being offered to you for FREE! Please sign up by Tuesday, February 2nd at 5pm.

Session 1: Embrace Self-Care & Well-Being through Intentionality - Thursday, Feb. 4, 2:30-3:30 pm CDT

Session 2: Establish Self-Care & Well-Being through Boundaries - Tuesday, Feb. 11 2:30-3:30 pm CDT

Session 3: Embark on Self-Care & Well-Being through Practice - Thursday, Feb. 18, 2:30-3:30 pm CDT

To sign up, simply complete the Google Form link. Once you sign up, you are automatically confirmed! You will receive an email from Mindful Practices on the dates above with a link to that day's session.

Educator Self-Care/Wellbeing Tip

“Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity and greater sense of well-being” Charles Duhigg

Back to Basics: Taking care of ourselves isn’t always our first thought or instinct. Sometimes by just reframing what Self-Care looks like/sounds like/ feels like, it can be easier to take those baby steps, start small, and appreciate all the ways in which we ALREADY care for ourselves. Think about your morning routine: making the bed, preparing coffee, taking a shower, brushing our teeth, and even washing our hands. What will you do today that is a minimum to make sure YOU can be your best self?

With gratitude,

Michael and the Mindful Practices Team

Need to submit Parent or Doctor's Note? Click here.

Please E-mail Parent or Doctor Notes when your Child is Absent to the school.



    1. Help your child arrive to school on time, with everything they need from school supplies and completed homework.
    2. Being at school on time will help your child's chances to score well on test throughout the year.
    3. Make sure your child has a balance diet, exercises, and gets enough sleep, to help mentally and physically get them ready to learn.
    4. Only allow your child to stay home when they have an illness, or too sick to be comfortable at school.
    5. Send parent notes or Dr. notes with your child when returning back to school.
    6. You can monitor your child's attendance and grades through Parent Center.
    7. Read all information sent home by the school.
    8. Be involved in your child's school life and school activities
    9. Help your child to improve their attendance with positive reinforcements.
    10. Keep open communication with your child's teacher, principals, and counselors.

Attendance: What You Need To Know For Credit

Bottom Line - Don't miss unless you HAVE to.

Excused or not - it counts against your credit

Miss 10 times in a class - Credit is taken back.

• Recovery of Credit will be your friend but you have to attend! See your counselor for details, if needed.

Doctor's Note or Court Appearance - Turn in your note to stay afloat!


Attendance: What You Need To Know For Court

Bottom Line - It's all about Unexcused Absences . If you are absent and don't have a medical or court note, please send a parent note. Only the first 5 parent notes will count as an excused absence.

New This Year - Limit of 5

• After 5 parent notes, absences will be coded as an unexcused absence.

Exceed 10 Unexcused absences during any classes in a 6 month period - Eligible for Truancy Court.

Additional Resources

Are you experiencing loss of housing or need assistance with McKinney Vento/Foster Care or are you a new Military Family in JISD and need assistance contact Ms. Greenwood by

email or by phone (210) 945-5362.

If you are a teen parent and have questions or think you might benefit from services through the School Age Parent Program, contact Ms. Palmer by email or by phone (512) 553-8023.

If you are experiencing difficulty in providing basic necessities for your family and need additional assistance, please contact the following:

Linda Wilber by email or by phone (210)945-5335,

Katie Newgren by email or by phone (210) 945-5322, or

Reynae Herrera by email or by phone (210) 945-5364.

If you have attendance questions or need any other assistance please contact Monica Garcia by email or by phone (210) 945-5215

Guidance and Counseling

College and Career Readiness and Innovation Department