Jennifer's ASCA Model Counseling

Humble ISD Gold Medal Counseling Program

Jennifer Vandenbrook, M.Ed., LPC

Category 1: Professional School Counselor

Management Agreement

Elementary Behavior Support Program Transition Logs

Relational Violence Counseling Log

Guidance Lessons and Scope and Sequence

Campus Crisis Plan

Calendar of School Counseling Events and Projects

Evidence of Group Counseling

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Category 2: Campus Improvement Participation or College/Career Readiness Plan

College and Career Readiness:

  • Rice Field Trips - October
  • "Tour of Opportunity" - May
  • Dress for Success! - Guest Speakers (classroom activities) May
  • Featured on a KPRC Channel 2 news segment in March 2015 highlighting College and Career Readiness

Category 3: School Climate and Safety

Significant number of guidance lessons and small groups sessions relating to this topic

No Place for Hate®
Committee Chair
  • Awarded "No Place for Hate®" Honor: May 2013, May 2014 and May 2015
  • Anti-Bullying Video and Presentation by Counselor

  • The No Place for Hate® Crew activities

  • Be the Change Week/Great Kindness Challenge – January

  • Peace Sign Picture with entire school

Awareness Weeks:

  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Be the Change/Kindness Challenge Week

Programs for Students:

  • Dennis Lee - Every Fall
  • No Place for Hate® Crew messages: Diversity and Anti-Bullying Awareness Videos
  • Summer 2015: Created a "Be the Change" Video with district students highlighting positive actions that address bullying and conflict resolution.
  • Staff STAAR Program for 3rd - 5th grade students!

PBIS Team Member

Cookie Chat with Parents:

"Differentiating within the GT Classroom"

"Parenting with Love and Logic"

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Peace Garden

As a part of Pine Forest Elementary's No Place for Hate® initiative, staff members, students and parents painted the picnic tables, weeded, and planted flowers in the “Peace Garden”. The No Place for Hate® initiative is about establishing a school-wide atmosphere which addresses appreciating differences, showing respect and kindness toward others, and anti-bullying. This beautiful “Peace Garden” is a tranquil place filled with flowers, beautiful pathways, and messages of kindness. The garden will continue to be used as a special place for classroom and counseling activities for our students.
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PANTHER P.A.L.s (Peers as Leaders)

Over 45 Fourth Grade Students

  • Assisting Teachers
  • Tutoring Younger Students
  • Mentoring Younger Students
  • Performing Random Acts of Kindness
  • Creating videos for students and staff

Category 4: Goals and Achievements in Four Delivery Systems

Yearly Goals:

Guidance Curriculum:

  • Over 165 Guidance Lessons for K-5 Classrooms
  • Plus: In Specials Rotation for portions of 1st - 3rd nine weeks for third - fifth grades

Responsive Services:

  • Over 300 sessions: Individual/Group/No Place for Hate/Panther PALs
  • Small Groups: Over ten groups throughout the year: Banana Splits (Divorce/Separation), Easy Does it (Anger), Movers and Shakers (Impulse Control), A-Team (Academics), Circle of Friends (Friendship), and Forget-Me-Nots (Grief)
  • Presented Boys in Crisis - District Training

Individual Student Planning:

  • 504 Campus Coordinator - 45 total students
  • 504 Meetings - over 80+ initial/referral meetings for students this school year
  • RtI Behavior Facilitator

System Support:

  • Trainings for Teachers: Why Try, RtI Behavior, 504 Procedures, Diffusing Difficult Behaviors
  • College and Career Readiness Committee Chair
  • Campus "Mentor and Me Time" (M&M Time) Coordinator
  • Kids Hope USA Mentor Facilitator
  • Watch D.O.G.S. Campus Coordinator
  • Panther P.A.L. Coordinator
  • No Place for Hate® Coordinator
  • Backpack Buddy Program - Houston Food Bank
  • Site Based Committee Member
  • Counseling Advisory Committee
  • Cookies with the Counselor Chats with Parents and Staff
  • Kinder Round-Up (May) and Kinder Kamp (August) - Getting Connected presentation for parents

Examples of Goals


My guidance and small group lessons will decrease the number of office referrals with this targeted group by 20% from the first through the fourth marking period.

Guidance Lessons: K-5 – WhyTry Curriculum, Talking About Touching, and Wise Owl Bulling Series

Small Groups: (Topics): Families in Separate Homes (F.I.S.H.), A-Team (Academics), Easy Does It (Anger), Movers and Shakers (Impulse Control), and Circle of Friends (Friendship)

System Support:

My system support will provide 100% of staff and parents with resources to support the educational and personal/social goals for students.

Campus Humble ISD Education Foundation Representative

Community Development Advisory Council Member

Cookie Chats with the Counselor



Parenting Lending Library

Campus Needs Assessment/Campus Improvement Plan

TSCA Conference - Presenter

TCEA Conference - Presenter

State 504 Conference

Community Outreach



SMORE Counselor Newsletters

Live Binder – (Level III Referrals and 504 procedures)

Staff Trainings

Technology Resources for System Support

RtI Tools

Category 5: Parent and/or Community Involvement

Cookie Chats:

  1. Differentiation within the GT Classroom
  2. Parenting with Love and Logic
  3. Bullying From Two Perspectives

Communication with Parents:

1. Website

2. SMORE Monthly Counselor Newsletter

3. PFE Flyer

4. Phone Calls

5. Emails

6. Conferences/Consultations in Person

Kids Hope USA Partnership - Mentoring

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)

Community partners have contributed through:

1. PTA Support

2. Spirit Night for "Culver's for Counseling" – Activity Funds

5. Humble ISD Education Foundation Grant Funds

College and Career Readiness:

1. Career Fairs at PFE

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Counselor's Lending Library:

Parenting Resources

Referrals to See Ms. Vandenbrook

All parents and staff have the option of submitting a confidential request for counseling through a secure Google Form.
Referrals to the Counselor

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Professional Leadership Roles

District Facilitator Opportunities:

  • Summer 2014 - Designed small group counseling online Live Binder for all elementary counselors with activities for eleven different groups.
  • Summer 2014 - Created a "Connect with Character" Live Binder for all elementary counselors with monthly character topics (with weekly activities) and character education resources.
  • Summer 2015 - Facilitated the creation of a new guidance curriculum scope and sequence based on Paul Tough's book: How Children Succeed.


  • TSCA Conference - Houston, Texas: February 2014 - Helped facilitate a session on "Putting it All Together" with Lesa Pritchard and Matthew Smith, Humble ISD Student Support Services
  • National Conference on Innovative Skills and Counseling - Presented "The Tech-Savvy Counselor" (June, 2014, Las Vegas, NV)
  • TSCA Conference - Galveston, Texas: February 2015 - Presented "The Tech-Savvy Counselor"
  • Selected to present at the TCEA Conference - Austin, Texas: February 2016 "The Tech-Savvy Counselor"

"PAWS-ITIVELY Powerful Counseling"

In May 2015 I was awarded a grant from The Humble ISD Education Foundation:

This dynamic, multi-faceted innovative grant proposal tackles key affective and academic needs on our campus. Many of our students long for a connection to a positive male role model. One facet of this proposal details the incredible addition of male volunteers through the “Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)” program. The second tier of this grant proposal includes the addition of a four-legged counselor/comfort dog. This entire project will be instrumental in encouraging the emotional well-being of at-risk students, increase students’ confidence in reading, decrease stress, eliminate test anxiety, promote social interaction and create positive connections with peers and adults.