Pauline Cushman

The life of a women spy

The Early Years of Pauline Cushman

Pauline Cushman was born June 10th, 1833. Pauline Cushman ran away at the age of 17 and began living her life in New York as a actress. Pauline Crushman married on February 7,1853 to a musician named Charles Dickinson. Cushman had two children Charles the oldest was born on March 1858, her daughter Ida was born in the year 1860.

Contribution to the Civil War

Pauline Cushman was a Union spy during the Civil War. Cushman had a great cover as an actress and get in and out of Union and confederate military bases. Pauline's outstanding looks helped her recive information that will help the federal army. She caused suspision when she was caught will important papers.

Life After the Civil War

After her children died she spent the rest of her life as an actress telling her story of the war. Pauline published a book over her experiences over the war. The book was named "The Life Of Pauline Cushman". She married again to man named August Fichtner. She married again after August had died. She later on adopted a daughter named Emma. Also when Emma had died her marrage fell apart and go divorced. She later on died of an overdose of opium. Pauline was barred in San Francisco with military honors. Pauline has a national park named in her honor.

Interesting facts

Pauline Cushman was going to get hanged but was saved be the union army. She had outlived all of her children and was married three times. During one of her plays she had to toast to Jefferson Davis who was in Confederacy. Pauline Cushman was also a struggling actress for majority of her adult year. Reasearchers think Pauline's death was suicide.