Video Assignment

By: Spencer Rowe 3rd period


1. Empire of the Sun

2. Shanghai

Jamie's House

Bascie's Place

Intermentent Camp

Adoption Center

3. Jamie: Main character, he loses his parents and tries to go through several people to try and find them.

Bascie: He meets Jim and takes him in at first, then tries to betray him by sending him outside the fences.

Sgt. Nagata-When the place gets bombed, he beats several people including Jim because he noticed he went outside the walls.

4. Light is a huge symbol in this movie because it shows different transitions and different low and high points of these scenes.

The airplane Jim has is also a big symbol because he wants to become a pilot in the beginning of the movie.

The mango the Japanese boy gives Jim is a symbol because it shows they are still friends despite being on different sides of the war.

5. This film was very helpful because it made me see the different side of the war most people dont see and it also helps me see it in the eyes of a kid and someone who get sent to places he doesn't know.