3 Tech Tools You Need Now

Learned from ITEC


Cool Features:

  • Totally Free
  • Google Interactive (can post directly to classroom)
  • Students are FORCED to watch the video....it stops if they switch screens/tabs
  • You can insert your own questions or use a pre-made video
  • Can export results to a spreadsheet for formative assessment

Let's Try One!

Follow the link and login as a student by clicking "I'm a Student" and logging in with Google. If prompted to join a class, click the following link for the code to find the video: https://edpuzzle.com/join/ivadlin

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How to use EdPuzzle

  • Go to edpuzzle.com
  • Sign in with Google
  • Search or import link to video
  • Edit video by cutting it, adding voice, or adding questions
  • Share to your students by sending to Classroom or copying and uploading the link
  • From the teacher side click my classes --> progress to view results

Still confused? Try this tutorial!

How I Used EdPuzzle in My Class

Google My Maps

Cool Features

  • Can create maps for various content areas and topics
  • Maps can be shared with students and they can edit
  • You can import a previously existing map template
  • Google integrated

How to Use Google My Maps

  • Create a new map in Drive by selecting "New" and then "Google My Maps"
  • To add data either search for a point in the top search bar OR import
  • Want to use a premade template? Go to Google Advanced Search, select a KMZ or KML file, and search for your topic
  • If you want students to edit, share the same way you would for a Google Doc

But I don't teach social studies...

Google My Maps isn't just for social studies teachers. Check out this document of ideas shared at the ITEC conference.

Still confused? Watch this tutorial for more info!

Quizlet Live (not just your boring old Quizlet!)

Cool Features:

  • Can create a quick and interactive review game in class
  • Students can still use flashcards to study on their own time
  • Students join by typing in a code at quizlet.com/live
  • Once 6+ students have joined, it's a race to get with your randomly assigned group and start

Try the Quizlet Live Tutorial!

Try tutorial here!

To Build a Quizlet

  • Login to Quizlet using Google
  • Use the FREE version
  • At the top in the blue bar click "Create"
  • Add your terms and definitions
  • When you are ready, click "Play Quizlet Live" and follow the instructions

How I used Quizlet Live in my Classroom