North Korea Daily

A look at the Past Present and Future

Tuesday 28, May 2030

The North Korean Stance

The beginning

At the end of WWII, Korea was liberated from decades of Japanese occupation and looked set to regain its independence, with the wartime allies - the US, China, Britain and the Russia all supporting that goal.

Start of A new Era

Since the liberation of Korea itself it has tried to be independent but as its allies the US, China Britain and also Russia backed up the Republic in the South and the Communist democratic peoples Republic of Korea in the North with a leader, Kim Il-Sung. In its early years North Korea was supported by China and The Soviet Union (Russia). Later the border line tension increased South Korea's rapid industrialization and economic growth. While South Korea's economy was growing North Koreas was still at a Stalin rate. It did increase a little in the 70's but it didn't last very long due to the loss of the Soviet Union. North Koreas economy has been in a free fall since the loss of the Soviet Union. Today North Koreas economy is still in bad shape but now that Kim Jong un has opened international trade,tourism,and trade. Kim Jung Un hopes to coax investment from up to 13 hundred visitors. giving more people more jobs lowering unemployment rate.
North Korea Trying to Build Economic Zone

The Tension Rises

Back then North Korea was never really looked at as a threat to the global powers because they had never attained nuclear artillery, but there was still tension there considering that the U.S. was supporting South Korea. There for the nuclear testing would have to start soon...

2006 is when Korea had first made a nuclear test, but 2009 was their first successful practice, and this is when the U.S, China and Russia had first protested against it for they North Korea was finally being recognized as a threat. The main reason these powers are worried is because North Korea might not know what kind of nuclear power they are wielding(falling into the wrong hands), because in 2013 North Korea had advanced even farther in a third test and had also made a threat towards America.

We predict that the United Nations will try to step in and stop North Korea from developing these nuclear weapons which they are not far from, which may lead to war because what Korea thinks is that if Russia and the United States have nuclear weapons then they should too, but if Korea actually gets persuaded into not building these weapons, more tension might sprout. There for we think that war might be inevitable with North Korea.

The Adaptation

In the 1950 With support from the Soviet Union less assured, Kim Il-sung in the 1950s, began a move towards "self-reliance" or motivation This led to some industrial success and good economic growth but by the 1970s a combination of higher oil prices and a growing technology gap had undermined the strategy. death of the Kim sung on July 1994 the country had never been the same due to the fact that the "Great Leader" shaped and dominated political and economical affairs for almost a century. the death and outpouring grief that came about his death was extraordinary.Kim Jong-il eventually took the title of General Secretary of the Communist Party in October 1997.

In September 1998 his position as head of armed forces was widened to encompass the powers of head of state while the post of president was assigned "eternally" to his father Kim Il-sung.

We predict that in 2030 that the political view of North Korea is that the political leaders with become more and more lenient with the country having more freedom by adapting to china as Kim Jong-un tries to move away from his political legacy by emulating Chinese model of state-controlled capitalism.