Vision Board

Nancy Varughese

Quote/Define your mission in Life

A quotes that defines my mission in life is no pain no gain.

Future Schools/Diplomas/Degrees

I'd like to attend Stanford University,and earn a degree in Computer Engineering Technology

Future Jobs

In high school I'll like to work a part-time job,and after high school I'd like to work in the IT field.

Future Clubs/Organizations/Community Service Projects

Already being in NJHS,I hope to join clubs that do community service,and bring the better in our society .

Future Awards/Acknowledgements

Awards and Acknowledgements help us to our leading career,and a few awards that I'd Like to earn is Valedictorian,and possibly get through The National Merit Schloarship program.

Future Career

A profession like I said earlier to was pursue a job in the IT field

Future Family

When I grow older,I don't necessarily want to start a family,but I'd be interested in adopting two kids.

Future Retirement

When I retire,I'd like to move somewhere peaceful,and if possible ;travel all the seven wonders of the world.

Future Pets

Future Location You Will Live

I'd like to move back to New York because that's where I've lived most of my life ,and I'll like to go back there to stay.

Future Housing

Future Housing for me will be getting an apartment with friends,or roomates after I finish college .Later on,I'll move into a house,start my career,my dreams,and so on.

Future Vehicles

First,I'd like to start with something small like a Mazda Axela,then as soon as I start earning money,from the profession I decide then,I'll go for something bigger

Future Vacation

Future Goals

Future goals for me is to graduae high school with a high GPA,get a scholarship for college,graduate college,then earn a job,move back to New York,and live a peaceful life.

Future Style/Appearance/Wardrobe

This really hasn't occured to me,but I'd probably want to look somthing along the lines of professional,and a person with a sense of style

Future Wants

We always wants,and there are always needs.In the future I don't want all the technology in the world,but a few basic things like wifi,a computer and a phone.

Words/quotes that inspire me