Surf Of Joy

Mitchell Thompson


The first reason you should surf is the surfboards. You have a large variety on which you can get now or later. There are long boards, short boards and even fun boards. The long boards are usually for beginners or short waves.[p.14] Long boards are also the easiest to control and handle. Short boards are made for riding short waves and speed, but they are the hardest to control.[p.12] The fun board is a mix between the two boards. It is designed for having fun on and easier to catch the waves.


A manoeuver is what gets you high points in a competition or just doing it fur fun. Maneuvers are tricks or stunts people do on their boards and waves .The easiest move I will talk about is the bottom turn. It is when you surf down to the bottom of the wave and push down on the inside rail or edge. That should lead you up back to the lip of the wave. [P.68, 69] The next manoeuver is the cutback; it is a little harder than the turn. Thus to do the cut back you have to know the turn. The cutback is located in the pocket/center of the wave. The last manoeuver is off the lip. This move involves being able to cut and shift precisely. Although it is easier, you just have to do a cutback on the lip of the wave.

Star Surfers

Surfing today has many great stars [p.32/36] Kelly Slater, John, John Florence and Bret Simpson. Kelly Slater holds the record of winning 12-world championship. He has been called the Michael Jordan of surfing.[p.32] The next surfer is John, John Florence the top surfer right now. He was the youngest ever to compete in the Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing. The last but my favorite surfer is Brett Simpson. Simpson won the U.S. open of surfing tournament 2 years in a row in 09 and 10. Although he has been too many events and failed he is still one of the best.