English 11 – Trimester 1 2013

Course Syllabus and Expectations

Rita Endres

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Course Description

English 11 includes the study of literature, composition, and speaking/listening. The literature is drawn from novels, plays, poems, short stories, and essays by classical, contemporary, and multicultural writers. Students write in a variety of formats and experience varied speaking and listening activities. Students will write for a variety of audiences and produce persuasive, narrative and analytical papers, using a process approach to writing. Students will think, listen, and respond in class discussion and cooperative learning situations. They will also edit their own writing using skills reinforced in language study. And finally, they will respond intellectually and emotionally to literature.

Required Classroom Supplies

blue or black pens 2 highlighters  pencils  1 – 2 inch binder, tab dividers and loose leaf paper   Portfolio (2 pocket folder)   A book to read at all times Post-it flags 1+ full pack of Post-it notes   One pack 4x6 index cards

Student Expectations

·   Attend class each day and arrive on time. ·   Bring all required materials and completed assignments to class. ·   Turn in assignments on time.·   Persevere and try again when you make mistakes.·   Welcome a challenge and accept that sometimes the work will be difficult.·   Self-evaluate and reflect on individual progress·   Work to the best of your ability.·   Actively participate in classroom activities. ·   Save all completed work in a portfolio.·   Make up work missed due to an absence.·   Treat classmates and the teacher with respect. ·   Use respectful language in the classroom.·   Respect other people’s opinions. ·   Respect other students’ property and school property.

Teacher Expectations

·   Prepare organized daily lessons.·   Prepare long-range lesson plans following the district and state curriculum guidelines.·   Create multiple opportunities for students to learn a skill or content standard through formative assessments.·   Provide helpful feedback on formative assessments.·   Evaluate and return summative assessments in a reasonable amount of time. ·   Update Schoolview every three weeks.·   Encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.·   Provide opportunities for students to evaluate their own learning.·   Allow students to have a voice in classroom policies.·   Welcome mistakes because that’s where true learning begins. ·   Treat all students with respect.