Is Motivation Internal or External?

the act of motivating, with a reason to act in a certain way

Internal Motivation

Incentive that occurs from within the individual; inducement to act or change based on inherent or instinct desire.
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External Motivation

Incentive that occurs as a result of influence from an outside source: Inducement to act or change based on expectations and examples of others.

Motivation comes mostly from external sources

I think motivation comes from mostly outside sources because without the initial want from an outside source there is no initial decision for the person to want to do something. For ex: If someone was poor and had no money, they may go out and get a job. If the job wasn't there though, presenting itself with the reward of money, people would not be motivated to do the job. There has to be an outside source to get the human mind motivated, there has to be a reason why. External motivation cannot be avoided, it is all around us whether we like it or not.
Unexpected external rewards typically do not decrease intrinsic motivation.

External rewards can also be a source of feedback, allowing people to know when their performance has achieved a standard deserving of reinforcement.

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Too much of something is never good

While offering rewards can increase motivation in some cases, researchers have also found that this is not always the case. In fact, offering excessive rewards can actually lead to a decrease in internal motivation.

Extrinsic rewards are an important tool in motivating behavior, but experts caution that they should be used with caution, especially with children. Extrinsic motivators are best applied in situations where people have little initial interest in performing the activity or in cases where basic skills are lacking.

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