Zombies, Run! (free)

The app that gives you a reason to run.

Run for your life!

In a post apocalyptic world, where the zombies have taken over, you are among the only survivors and you are trying to get to the safe house on the other side of the planet. You have to run to gain supplies, reach the airplanes and get to the different campsites. New missions appear every week, and the user interface is extremely friendly. If I could rate this app any higher, i would. i have already recommended it to many of my cousins. My favorite feature of this app is that i can make music playlists to listen to while running.


You must create an account to use the app. As you begin to progress further into the app, you get more food, water and supplies. Shelter is reached every 20 miles, so you have to run or you will be eaten. It does not allow you to create your own playlist, and it does not sync with my Fitbit, but other then that, this a great app for many people. Also, you have to save when you exit, but it takes 2 seconds. The app is overall well designed and is very easy to understand and use.

The end!!!!!!!

This app should be used to motivate yourself to run. It is extremely fun to use and is amazing for cardio-vascular exercise. This is an app that can help somewhat obese people get back in shape and provide motivation for people who can run, but don't like to.
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