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Tips, Tricks and What's New: Issue 5: September 2015

This bulletin is written for CFS staff members and is intended to raise awareness about and promote the use of the MS/US Library's many and varied resources. Enjoy!

--Mig & Justine

Back by Popular Demand! WorldBook Online

Located on the Welcome Page of the MS/US Library, WorldBook Online is a resource for all CFS users. There is a customized portal for all ages and cool subject specific sites, like Science Power and Social Studies Power (home page below). It also has a nice collection of ebooks, which are downloadable and free for all CFS users. Student forget her copy of Hamlet or Heart of Darkness? No problem. Can view on any device and download for free!
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Revisit the Research Hub! Comprehensive guide to online research!

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The library's website is host to Justine's excellent Research Hub!

Curated with Upper School researchers in mind (though anyone can use it!), the Research Hub is a compilation of online resources for credible information relating to seven broad areas: General Research & Reference; News & Current Events; Data & Statistics; Primary Sources; Arts & Humanities Research; Science Research; and E-Books & Books Online. Besides our subscription databases, there are a lot of outstanding websites your students may not know about, such as NCPedia (encyclopedia of all things NC), the World Bank Data Catalog (sooo much data!), and Europeana (digitized collections of museums, libraries and galleries across Europe).

We hope you will check out the Research Hub and encourage your students to check it out, too! If you have any additional resource suggestions, please let Justine or Mig know.

pbs learning media: Cool Tools!

Create a Storyboard for your classes! Or have your students create Storyboards to show what they know about a subject. Storyboard is a tool for teachers to combine text, images, videos. Here's one Mig made for To Kill A Mockingbird:

PBS Learning Media provides over 100,000 videos, images, documents and lesson plans. If you haven't done so already, create a teacher account, and you can save your searches in folders, share those folders with students, and use the teacher tools: Storyboards, Lesson Builders, Puzzle Builder and Quiz Maker.

pbs learning media featured video

In "Games of the North: Data & Graphing," students see amazing physical feats in the Arctic Winter Games and then use real-world math skills to see how event results have changed over the years.
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EasyBib has a mobile app for iPhone/iPad/Android!

That's right! Students and staff can download the EasyBib App on their mobile devices. Log in, create citations, and add to projects. It even has a book scanner; just scan the barcode and it instantly creates the citation. How easy is that bib?
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This week is Banned Books Week! September 27-October 3

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Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. In the MS/US Library, we join other librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types in shared support of the freedom to seek, to publish, to read, and to express ALL ideas. Stop by this week to check out our Banned Books Week display, and keep an eye and ear out for related events throughout the week! Below are some highlights from the list of books that were challenged, restricted, removed or banned in 2014 and 2015.

Have you tried BioDigital Human yet?

This truly amazing website (there's also an app) allows you to virtually explore the inner workings of the human body. Its 3D interactive diagrams are very realistic. Anyone who teaches anything about the human body and mind -- and, really, anyone who wants to see a really awesome website about what we're made of -- should check it out. You will be asked to create an account; you can sign in with Google, and it's FREE! Side view of skeletal and digestive systems below.

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just for fun: expanding yourself through experience


Please send students to for their research needs! Also check out royalty-free media in the "Digital Toolbox"