Henry Ford

How he became successful


Ford was determined to build automobiles that the middle class could afford. He believed automobiles should be used by everyone in their daily lives, but back then cars were only for the wealthy because they cost so much. That's when he stated his company Ford, and continued to grow it even when sued by the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufactures.

Thinking Ability

He planned out his success very well, gaining the support of Edison before he tried to work on his own. His ability to be patient but still have his goal in mind makes him a great thinker.

Technical Knowledge

When ford started out, he worked on steam engines for farmers. His engineering background eventually led him to be the chief of engineering for the Edison Electric Illuminating Company. During his time there he worked on Quadricycle, and that's how the idea sparked...

Communication Skills

He communicated his ideas and goals to Thomas Edison and others so that people supported him. His communication is a key part because without it he wouldn't of been able to even start.

Competency In Human Relations

Ford understood that many people wanted to use cars in their daily life, but the cost for a car was something only the rich could afford. This is why his dream became such a success, reaching out to the middle class with a goal of making cars available to all families.